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I Think it is Really All About the Pick Axe

Him: I think I want to be a miner when I grown up. Me: A miner? Him: Yes. A miner.

The Things that Come Out of My Mouth

When I told somebody that my notary was in Aruba I thought it was probably the most ridiculous sentence that had ever come out of my mouth. It was true (if by my notary you mean my friend who I just found out was a notary, but he lives really close to me and he […]


I’m nesting. I’m not pregnant. I am not adopting. I’m not even getting a puppy, but I am nesting.

What Sucks: Part 1

You know what sucks? Realizing that your iPod is on repeat instead of shuffle after you get in the shower.

Five Things

1) I was pretty disappointed with the novel “The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Euginides. I loved his first two novels “The Virgin Suicides” and “Middlesex” and this one was just okay. I am still convinced that the first half of the book was an exercise to see how many authors names he could fit into […]

A Fair Punishment For Cannibalism

I volunteer at the elementary school on a regular basis and this week I was reading about ants with a first grader. The deal is that I have the child read me a few pages and then I ask him or her about what he or she has just read. In this case a little […]

Do I Think Like a Guy?

I have spent the last four days asking my male friends if I think like a guy. I actually have a valid reason for asking. Without forcing my readers to take a survey (yet) I am trying to figure out why my audience here is almost half menfolk. Maybe it is because this is the […]

Looking Forward

I know that I haven’t been writing much here. It isn’t that I’m not trying. I have 14 half-written posts in drafts, I just can’t seem to finish anything. If I do happen to finish something it seems to boring to publish, or more likely it ends up on one of the six other sites […]