Do I Think Like a Guy?

I have spent the last four days asking my male friends if I think like a guy.

I actually have a valid reason for asking. Without forcing my readers to take a survey (yet) I am trying to figure out why my audience here is almost half menfolk.

Maybe it is because this is the first time in six and half years I have used the word menfolk.

I have other theories, I am just trying to flesh them out. After harassing a handful of my fantasy football friends, my college friends, the ladies at dinner, my husband and a few neighbors I remembered that my blog would be the perfect place to ask this question.

Why do you think men read my blog?  Do I think like a guy? Do I think like a Dad?

I don’t want to sway you by telling you what everyone else has said, but so far my favorite answer was from my friend Croutonboy. He said “Well, are you thinking about boobs right now?  I’m thinking about boobs.  If you’re thinking about boobs you might think like a guy.”

Of course, now we are ALL thinking about boobs.

I guess I should have told you that story before I asked the questions. Let’s refocus. Do you think that I think like a guy? And why?


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  1. I think your avid interest in sports makes you skew guy audience-wise. However, I happen to think you are ALL WOMAN and totally hot. And woman-y.

  2. I just think you’re funny; does it matter why? In any event, my wife was a fellow DC Metro Mom contributor and pointed and pointed me at you.

  3. ::thinks about boobs; suddenly feels happy::

  4. You think like you, and some men like it, relate to it, and engage and respond. I don’t think it’s a gendered brain thing, it’s just how you move in the world, nothing more or less, boy or girl. . (and no offense to these men who are also friends of mine, but about boobs it is not. Butts, maybe, but not boobs.)

    Maybe men like “that” for “who”.

  5. Oh, and for what its worth I see you as much more of a resource/point of relatedness for women who like sports and a place to express this than men. It’s not like you write about sports here much.

  6. I think it is the word “Goon” in the name of the blog. All men love The Goonies. Well, all straight, nerdy men.

  7. Yes – sports, beer, laughing at farts, 12 year old boy humor…
    No – the picture on your last post, Twilight…

    Wait, didn’t you tell my kids you used to be a man?

  8. smart aleck says:

    I think part of the answer is that you never talk about paparazzi crap (like the Ktrashians and other skanks). A nice little reprieve in a world where it feels like they are everywhere.

    And while you talk about shoes and purses, you also talk about Weiner(mobiles), nipples, and beer. So, one of the most balanced news sources out there!

  9. You have explosions in your banner. Duh!

  10. It makes sense that 1/2 you audience is male since, well, so is 1/2 the planet. You are funny and that appeals to everyone. Personally I hate sports and love parenting and parenting focused blogs, so maybe I think like a woman, but then again I often think about boobs, so I assume that means I think like a lesbian. Or I just think like me, and you just think like you. But because the way you think/write is absolutely hilarious, I keep coming back…

  11. smart aleck says:

    Well, you did get Fleshlight to follow you on twitter, right?

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