A Fair Punishment For Cannibalism

I volunteer at the elementary school on a regular basis and this week I was reading about ants with a first grader.

The deal is that I have the child read me a few pages and then I ask him or her about what he or she has just read. In this case a little boy was reading to me about what ants eat. The book said that they eat worms or aphids or leftover people food or sometimes they even eat other ants.

I asked the kid “What do you think about that?”

He looked surprised. “They eat other ants?”

I said “What do you think would happen if you went back into class and just took a big bite out of your friend’s arm?”

He laughed a litte bit and then he got serious. “I bet you would get your name written on the board like a million times.”


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  1. sueinithaca says:

    They’d probably put a check mark next to it, too.

  2. Excuse me, but wouldn’t you write the name of the kid who was being eaten on the board? Like a menu?

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