I’m nesting.

I’m not pregnant. I am not adopting. I’m not even getting a puppy, but I am nesting.

I started thinking about my recent actions. I’m clearing room on my calendar. I am doing home renovations. I am purging my belongings. I am making room for something.

I just don’t know quite what that something is yet.

Let me clarify, when I say purging my belongings, I really mean giving away things that don’t fit and things I don’t use. I still have a huge amount of crap in my house. I will never be a minimalist when it comes to things.

It just seems like lately everything I do is in preparation for something. I don’t know what, but I know that I will be ready.


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  1. Could be your version of the beginning of a mid-life crisis. Maybe you secretly want to be pregnant again.

  2. I’m doing some of this but mostly to procrastinate launching my new blog. I could loan you a puppy.

  3. Did it right before the holidays. Felt so good. Need to do it again. And you know I’m not pregnant–cause I ain’t wearing reading glasses to nurse. Nope. No way!

  4. smart aleck says:

    Well, it is the year of getting your house in order.


    I think you are getting ready for the surprise visit from the Publishers’ Clearing House folks with the giant check and balloons….those guys just show up with NO notice whatsoever–you have to be prepared!!!

  5. I LOVE purging- houses that is. Can I pretty please come over and help?! I do this once a month. It makes me all energized and super happy and high.

  6. I nest every month right around my period. I get all crazy and start making threats to throw away everyone’s stuff if they don’t get it the hell out of my sight and then I clean stuff. Or sit around and THINK about cleaning stuff.

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