I Think it is Really All About the Pick Axe

Him: I think I want to be a miner when I grown up.

Me: A miner?

Him: Yes. A miner.

Me: You want to dig mines or you want to actually mine coal?

Him: I want to be a miner. I read about it in “Boys Life”.

My Internal Monologue: “Boys Life” his encouraging scouts to become miners when they grow up? The economy isn’t that bad.

His Dad: You mean you want to explore caves? That isn’t really mining, that is spelunking.

Him: I want to be a miner. I want to carry around a pickaxe and collect gems.

Don’t we all?

Now that I work for Disney I can probably use this graphic without getting sued or SOPAd, right? RIGHT?

* * *

I got to thinking about how if his job was carrying around a pickaxe and collecting gems his life would be a lot like Gem Hunter.

Which of course made me think of Die Antwoord’s “Enter the Ninja” which actually contains the lyric “My life is like a video game.”

Which made me think about Laurie’s comment that her life was like a video game it would be “Burger Time” which STILL makes me laugh even though she said it about two years ago.

This whole section was an aside. That is why it is all in italics. I hope you weren’t expecting a nice clean closing statement. Well crap, now I’m all paranoid about it. The end.

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  1. Have you bought Minecraft for him yet? Holy miner’s paradise. Do it. Today.

  2. I wonder if they make a Pick Axe for the Wii

  3. What do you get when you drop a piano down a mine shaft?

  4. (it’s an auditory answer – say it out loud)

    A flat miner

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