Flying and Crying

There is a guy in the row in front of me and two seats over and his headphones are so loud that I can tell he is listening to Shakira.

Sure, I question his taste, but the real mystery is how on earth can he be asleep when I can’t relax because his music is too loud?

Airplanes are so weird.

I cried again. I always cry on airplanes. I have no idea what my deal is. Being really high up makes me weepy. I should never move to Denver. This time I cried at a documentary.

I downloaded this film called “The Other F Word“. It is a documentary about punk rock guys that grew up and became fathers. I liked it. It was fun and funny and I could certainly relate to parts of it, but when the U.S. Bombs guy started talking about his son dying and the cats in the cradle I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t just tearing up a little either. I was full on crying.

I’m sure my seat mate thinks I am a lunatic. All she can see is that I am watching something with a guy with face tattoos and lots of concert footage and I am crying.

I hope she has a blog too. This would be a much funnier story if I were her in her place.

I’m on my way to Austin for Dad 2.0 and I am very excited. I think dad bloggers have needed something like this for a log time. Plus, I’ve never been to Austin and I hear it is very cool.

I think the moral of my story is this: if you are flying away from home watching a movie about how painful it is to not be around for your kids might not be the best choice.

Also, don’t sit by me on an airplane. I can’t be trusted to act like a normal person at 35,000 feet.

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  1. I cry when I see face tattoos, too.

  2. Molly Chase says:

    I am sorry that you cry on airplanes. I like you and I don’t want you to be sad, but I have a story about crying on an airplane.

    I was flying from Nashville to BWI in the spring of 2008 after my best friend’s baby shower. I was flying Southwest, and it was a pretty full plane, and of course on Southwest you have no control over who sits down next to you. The girl who sat down next to me looked about 20, and she genuinely looked three sheets to the wind, which was strange because it was like 9:15 in the morning on a Sunday. She took the last seat in our row, and her boyfriend took a seat a few rows back and on the other side of the aisle.

    We had only just started moving back from the gate when she started to cry. And not little tears rolling down her cheeks. Loud sobs. It was genuinely the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been, because I didn’t want to be the stranger who was all “Why are you crying?” or worse, have to hug her or something.

    She continued to cry more intensely and was in a full-blown panic attack by the time we were in the air–shaking, sweating, sobbing, clutching a barf bag (which she hadn’t used, yet). I was completely freaked out by this time. I was afraid she might have a heart attack, or throw up on me.

    When the flight attendants started coming around with drinks, I flagged one down and was like, “Ummm, help her.” The flight attendant figured out that her boyfriend was on the plane and got the guy sitting next to him to switch with the crying girl she she could barf on him instead of me. I have no idea what caused her panic attack, or if that’s what it was or if she was a crying drunk, or what the deal was.

    So just be glad that you didn’t get kicked out of your seat and sent to airplane-crying-time-out because you were so completely weirding out your seatmate. You were at least crying for a reason.

  3. For years when I flew, I’d buy a new book to read. A few times of crying on planes and I started reading something I’d already read. Or downloading a stupid movie that I’ve already seen on my iPad.

    Not that I think there is anything wrong with people crying on planes. I’d rather be next to a bawler than a puker.

  4. When I fly I almost always spill something on my seatmate. Like full cups of ginger ale with ice. I’m sure they would rather I keep to myself and cry.

  5. <3 U

  6. You hope she has a blog? The odds are in your favor.

  7. I’m going to Austin for the first time later this month, I’m a little intimidated by the pressure to have a transcendentally cool time there.

  8. smart aleck says:

    Moneymaking idea.
    Blinders for humans so you can cry in public w/o anyone noticing. Because I have cried on planes (thin air and long distance relationship trips), buses (busses?)(one of my best friends at work was killed in a car crash, they sent us all home), but I consider myself a happy person. Go figure.

    Maybe because any other time we are usually objects in motion…on public transportation there is time to think and no control of the journey.

  9. I’m no longer terribly afraid of flying thanks to your intervention program, but I still cry a little on mostly every flight. It’s a vulnerable spot, plus, sad punk rockers are tear-inducing, man. It’s just the way it goes.

  10. Whenever I fly (and have time to watch something) invariably I end up laughing out loud at some point, then of course get very self conscious…

  11. well, you made me LOL while you were writing about crying. nice one sarah!

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