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I try not to ask too many things of you, but today I am asking for a favor.

I have mentioned before that I sing with a choir. We aren’t a church choir or one of those a cappella groups that dresses up at Christmastime and sings in malls (Although, were I to be honest, I would love to do that someday. The choral arts are where my geek roots live.). Choralis is a 100 person mixed voice chorus within an organization that consists of 5 different choirs including three youth choirs. This year we commissioned a piece from a local (Washington D.C.) composer in remembrance of 9/11 and in May we will be singing Bob Chilcott’s Requiem and it will be conducted by THE ACTUAL BOB CHILCOTT.

The big choir is something I am intensely proud to be a part of. Music fulfills me in a way that most other things cannot (except maybe bacon). This is the choir that allowed me to cross two things off of my life list back in December when I sang on stage during The Messiah sing along at The Kennedy Center.

This year it means even more to me.

This year both of my children auditioned and got in to the children’s choir.

I didn’t start singing choral music until I was in 10th grade, but my kids are only in 2nd grade and this choir gives them opportunities to sing in places and with conductors and orchestras and soloists that most people will never even have the option to see, and Choralis makes it fun for them. They are learning to read music and they think it is a party. I couldn’t ask for anything more from the staff.

Of course, I am totally fine asking for something more from you. We are trying to raise $20,000 as an organization. If you wouldn’t mind giving something – even $5 – it would mean a lot to me and to my kids.

They will put your name (or your businesses name) in the program if you donate certain amounts, but I can totally top that. I am willing to put myself on the line for my cause. I am willing to give back. So if you donate:

  • $5 – $19 – I will offer you a 30 day link in my sidebar (WAY lower than my normal rates)
  • $20 – $49 – I will offer you a one year link in my sidebar (hundreds of dollars lower than my normal rates)
  • $50 – $99 – I will write a guest post for your site on a topic of your choosing, or guest appear on your podcast and you get the link for a year.
  • $100+ – I will write a post on my site about how awesome you are and your link will be permanently added to the blogroll on SATGS and Sarah Reviews.

Of course, if you don’t have a blog, just e-mail me and we can negotiate payment. If you are local I am an awesome babysitter.

Did I mention I can win prizes for raising the most money?  I can also win prizes for having the largest number of individual donations, even if they are $1 *bats eyes*. And mostly, I want to raise more money than my kids and they are going to do a lemonade stand.

So, please be generous and please let me know if you donated and remember that all donations are tax deductible. Tell them Goon Squad Sarah sent you. Sure, I want the credit, but I also want to see the looks on their faces when they keep getting donations referred to them by Goon Squad Sarah. I don’t think they know I’m a blogger.


Read more about Choralis here.



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  1. But of course. Here’s hoping you WIN! Also, I restrained myself from making 25 separate $1 contributions, mostly because it would have been too much work for me. But I thought about it.

  2. Done. It’s getting to be an annual thing, this $5 donation. I’m not sure I could stop at this point, anyhow, since receiving the occasional newsletter has become an important part of my life. It’s so shiny! And colorful!

    More importantly, however, I think it’s wonderful that there’s an avenue for kids to gain an appreciation of music since so many schools seem to be turning away from its teaching. In the UK, playing an instrument from a young age is practically compulsory, with many kids sticking with it for the long haul. This results in a country that reveres classical music and boasts youth orchestras that can play circles around some of the regional orchestras in the states. In any event, it’s something well worth supporting.

  3. Done! Happy to do it! I love to sing, and think I actually do so on key, but I only sing within the protections of my car or a very large group of Christmas carolers. I’ve never sung with any organized group, and wish that I had when I was younger. I greatly admire my singing and musical friends! It’s amazing that you do it, and that your kids are doing it too. Bravo for more beautiful music in the world.

  4. I’ve tried a couple times to donate & the page says “the campaign isn’t active.” Should I just ignore that?

  5. smart aleck says:

    If I donate enough can I buy myself a voice that sings on key? Oprah once said that if she could buy anything it would be the ability to sing–and she had tried.
    So, not only are you also a media guru, but you can sing–you’re one step ahead of her!

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