Big Hair and Links

It finally happened. This morning I realized that I am the crazy lady wandering around the Safeway parking lot muttering obscenities under her breath.

That didn’t take nearly as long as I was expecting. I figured my kids would at least be in Middle School before it came down to that, but no. I am nothing if not ahead of my time.

Ahead of my time and prolific.

Even though I spent most of today looking at pictures of old high school parties on Facebook I found the time to write some other things. For example:

On Babble I talked about quoting lines from ’80s movies to my children (who never get my jokes).

On Draft Day Suit I wonder if Peyton Manning is going to Favre everything up in Denver.

On Aiming Low I dropped some knowledge.

And I talked about busted brackets (or the March Madness kind) on BlogHer.

Just for kicks here is one of the Facebook pictures that brought me so much joy today.

This is me with Dana and Jill circa 1991. You are welcome.

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  1. Oh man, Sarah. I just made a scene at work laughing about, “Dong! Grampa is talking to you!”

  2. indigo tara says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting that picture. That is some awesome big-ass hair. What were we thinking? Why did we spend so long doing our hair? How did we ever have enough Aqua Net? Had they been around, we would have laughed in the face of flat irons!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I am envious. My hair refused to get that big, no matter how hard I tried (or permed).

  4. Oh, I’m so on my way over to DDS. Can’t wait to read this! I miss football…

  5. You mean everyone doesn’t mutter to themselves in grocery store parking lots? Guess I need to add that to my list of things to talk to my shrink about. :-)

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