Randomness Part 138

Two People I Said “Hi” to in Public Because I Thought I Knew Them, but Really They Just Looked Familiar Because They Were Famous

1) Frank McCourt

2) Max Cavalera


* * *

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  1. My sister did the same thing to Carson Kressley from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. She was all, “hey there!” And then realized, oh wait, we don’t actually know each other.

  2. Well sure, doesn’t everybody know Max Cavalera? Er. How do you say hi in Portuguese?

  3. smart aleck says:

    Your “out in public” is much better than mine.

  4. Molly Chase says:

    That happened to me in the parking lot at Target in Crystal City in Alexandria with my hero in politics, James Carville. It was when Max was still a baby and James was parked next to us as we were getting out of the car. He told me how cute Max was and I was thinking, this guy looks and sounds so familiar, I feel terrible that I don’t know why he knows me.

    Nope, just a famous guy being polite.

    • We saw him once at the airport, but I was expecting it because my husband said “Hey, I just saw the Ragin’ Cajun at Five Guys”. Apparently we all eat Five Guys for breakfast when we fly out of DCA.

  5. I did this to Rachel Hunter when she got out of a Town Car in front of me once. I realized my mistake only when Rod Stewart also got out.

  6. I think it’s better to be all “Hey! Wassup?” like you know them than all goofy and starstruck. They probably appreciate it, too.

  7. I did that when I saw William H. Macy in the mall. In my defense, Justin was a baby & I was running on very little sleep, and I thought he was the local news guy. I figured out it about a minute later.

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