Randomness Part 139: Embarrassing Things

Three Embarrassing Things That I Am Telling You For No Reason

1) One time I thought I peed the bed, but really my cat had poked some holes in my waterbed with his claws and that is why my underthings were all wet.

2) I am currently reading “Catching Fire” the second book in The Hunger Games series and I’m having trouble putting it down.

3) When I was in 6th grade I was the singer in an air band for the talent show. We mimed “We Got the Beat.”




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  1. There’s so much left out of #1 it’s hard to comment.

  2. #3 doesn’t surprise me at all.

  3. Interesting. When I was in 6th grade I was the guitarist in an “air band” that did Huey Lewis’ “The heart of Rock n’ roll” at the talent show.

  4. Which part of #1 is the embarrassing part – that you thought you wet the bed or that you had a waterbed?

    My parents had a waterbed until several years ago (my mom got too worried about having it on the top floor of the townhouse). As a little kid my sister crawled into bed with my folks one night and, in the morning, the thought she had wet the bed. They were pretty frustrated with her. Turns out, the bed had a leak and had wet her. At least you were only blaming yourself.

  5. Lori Landeen says:

    I really liked the Hunger Game series. They were a great break from reality and all were hard to put down.

  6. I pretty well neglected all three of my kids and ALL household duties for 4-5 days straight as I burned through the entire trilogy. Embrace the reading geek! :-)

  7. my house is wreck because of the hunger games books. i’m almost done with mockingjay, though, so toilets will be scrubbed again soon.

  8. Catching fire was my fav of the three.
    And I don’t miss my waterbed one bit for that exact reason.

  9. Why be ashamed of Catching Fire? Those books are perfectly paced with good action and a great story!

  10. Because I was so spastically uncoordinated and could not even clap or mime on beat, I was demoted to “manager” of my 6th grade air band. They mimed “Walk Like an Egyptian” while I skipped around the stage holding water bottles and a towel. Occasionally, I would yell out to the crowd, “PUMP IT UP.” I’m not sure why we thought a band manager was the same thing as a boxing coach, but we did come in 3rd place in the talent show, so we couldn’t have been too far off base with our thinking.

  11. When I was in 6th grade, I was the singer in an air band performance of Material Girl by Madonna. I actually lay down on the floor, writhed a little and hung my head off the stage. We got second place in the talent show. We lost to some dudes who did Here I Go Go Again by Whitesnake.

  12. I sang “Friends are friends forever”, in front of my church congregation, to my BFF when she moved away. I am not a singer.

    There is video evidence of that “event”.

  13. I bought the Trilogy for my Kindle app and burned through all three in about 6 or 7 days last week. My family was not pleased with me.

  14. I read all three at the beach last week on spring break. I borrowed them from my 13 and 16 year old nephew and niece. As repayment, my husband and I took them to see the movie while my parents watched my own children :)

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