The Best/Hardest Job

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  1. It’s so rude to make me cry while I’m working.

  2. Your rotavirus story reminds me of the time my boys got a 10 day vomiting virus when they were 3 months old. I haven’t cried like that… EVER. I will cry like that when they pack up and leave home at the same time :(

  3. Am I getting residuals for this?

  4. …Glory lasts forever.

  5. Beautiful and true

  6. When mine were little I seriously considered taking them to a firehouse so I could get sleep. I probably would have if I was sure they would give them back.

  7. Lori Landeen says:

    Having a little girl with a cough that kept her awake at night this weekend, who only wanted “Moooooooooooooooommmmmmmmyyyyyyy!”, I considered the hotel option. Yes I did! But then she snuggled with me in bed and I couldn’t stop kissing her little neck and face – and I decided the hotel option could wait.

  8. Funny how a good couple of snuggles can make you forget all the other stuff. Even rotavirus.

  9. and my husband is still right… it hasn’t changed.. it’s STILL the best and it’s STILL the hardest… we’re never going to sleep again, are we?

  10. That video made me sob like a little baby. That might be because I haven’t slept more than 5 hours a night in the last 6 years. The best/hardest job indeed.

  11. Ugh. That made me cry and it is only 6 am. It and your post also made me want to kiss and cuddle my kids too. Thanks!

  12. Love this. As a twin parent I can totally relate (they’re 3 now). Ours ended up with RSV. And so we’re very grateful now, even for the hard times.

  13. Okay, that totally made me cry. As the mother of kids who are active in Science Olympiad rather than sports, I don’t think we’ll ever has a moment as dramatic as those in the videos. I should have signed my boys up for travel soccer when they were younger.
    RSV with twins? Can not even imagine that.

  14. I don’t think people will ever understand unless they have themselves experienced it first hand.

    It is the hardest job from the sleepness nights and 24 hour routine – especially when they are young. At least with a 9-5 job you can leave the issues until the next day.

    Equally, Most of your memorable moments will be with your kids and also with your parents when you were a kid!

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