There has been a lot of talk leading up to this Mother’s Day about how we should celebrate it on the internet. Some people want us to black it out and not talk about it at all for a cause. Some people want us to weigh in on the magazine cover that shows a blogger nursing her three year old son. I sort of feel like we should celebrate Mother’s Day in a positive way.

Last weekend I had the pleasure and the honor of reading an essay I wrote at the Listen to Your Mother Show here in the Washington D.C. area. I sat on the stage with 11 other mothers who told stories that were funny and heartwarming and devastating.  More than 300 people came to watch us talk about motherhood. It was an incredible experience. It was a gift.

The thing about being a mother is that if done even remotely competently it involves a lot of work. It involves a lot of self-sacrifice. You rarely get a day off. Until you have gone three weeks in a row without any REM sleep because you have a colicky baby or your 6th grader gets suspended for vandalism or you spend that Sunday night in the emergency room scared to death you can’t know what it feels like. This is why mothers share a bond. Everyone wants to talk about the “Mommy Wars” but even if I don’t agree with every parenting choice someone makes it doesn’t mean I am at war with them. We are all on the same side here. We all want our kids to grow up happy, healthy and productive. We all sacrifice in our own way. We all do what we think is best for our children.

This is really why there is a Mother’s Day in the first place. Well, this is the reason we celebrate Mother’s Day.

I feel like I need to interrupt myself to tell you that as I am typing this I am taking breaks to have a text conversation with a woman that I have been friends with since 10th grade. We aren’t reminiscing. We aren’t planning a party. We aren’t even talking about football. We are discussing constipation in two year olds. I am drawing on my first hand knowledge about ways to help loosen things up while potty training a little girl who gets backed up because she doesn’t want to poop in a toilet. We have now discussed  enemas, suppositories, stool softener and constipation. I would have been mortified to say even one of those words to her as a joke 20 years ago, but here we are and that is how motherhood is.

This is why people have to give us gifts in May.

My friends at P&G get it. They have expanded their “Thank You, Mom” campaign to really show how much they mean what they say. P&G will be helping more than 800 moms of Team USA athletes make the trip to London this summer with $1,000 gift cards to offset travel costs.  This is more than generous, this is making it financially possible for some of these women to actually get to London to see their children realize their dreams.

You have heard the saying that behind every successful man there is a woman? P&G believes that behind every successful athlete there is an even more amazing mom.

I don’t personally know any parents of olympians from the 2012 games, but I do know the lady that is the president of little league and she works her ass off. I would imagine that getting a kid to the Olympics is even harder.

*tries really hard not to make terrible Cool Runnings joke here*

Ignore that Cool Running business. Look at this.

U.S. media attends a press event announcing P&G “Thank you, Mom” gift for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Cool, right? And it doesn’t make me cry every time I talk about it like that last video.

If you get a chance please “like” the Thank You, Mom page on Facebook. For each like P&G will will donate $1 to the USOC P&G|Team USA Youth Sports fund. That helps moms too. Seriously, for you and me it is one less fundraiser, but for some parents and children it makes the difference between playing soccer or not being able to play anything.


* * *

Disclaimer: I am being compensated for my work with Proctor & Gamble but these words and these stories are my own. Obviously. I don’t think P&G would talk about the enema thing. They have far more class than I do.

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  1. Oh, the things that excite me now that I’m a Mom. It used to be concerts, beer, cute boys and such. Now, it’s poop. It’s a Mom thing.

  2. Usually my wife doesn’t want me to get her anything. She makes a point of saying so. It was a picture book of our kids from birth till now. I think she thinks its the best present I have ever given her.

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