Archives for June 2012

Hot in Herrre

I have this new fantasy that involves an air-conditioning repair man. I suppose it might be a situational sort of fantasy. It is hard to tell. I might be hallucinating. It is really hot in here. Normally when our AC dies in the middle of the summer (oh yes, this has happened to us before, […]

Accept This

I just got a Ticketmaster alert that Kreator and Accept are coming to a theater near me. I am not sure what is more alarming, that Accept is opening for Kreator or that Ticketmaster has realized that I would care about Kreator and Accept more than, say, Glen Campbell or Jimmy Buffet who are both […]

The Neighborhood Test Drive Plan

I am working on this project with Toyota and I am supposed to be writing six posts that somehow relate to their cars, but I have a problem. I don’t own a Toyota. I test drove a few when I was out in California, but we really only had about 20 minutes in each car […]

Why Swim Team

I was never on a swim team growing up. I lived in Florida. I realize that statement sounds nonsensical, but the two things are related. Pretty much everyone in my neighborhood had their own pool. It wasn’t a big deal. We all swam, just not in straight lines and we weren’t racing. I don’t mean […]


I got this documentary on Pagan Metal from Netflix. It turns out that Pagan Metal is not what I thought it was. According to documentarian Bill Zebub, (I swear to the Pagan Metal Gods that I didn’t make that name up. It is real. See? Pagan Metal I mean. I am clever, but not that clever.) there […]

Me and Mrs. Jones

You know how it is when you get a real Talking Heads moment? When you think How did I get here? This is not my beautiful house. Well, I had one of those moments two weeks ago when I found myself interviewing Lori Jones, mother of Olympic hurdler, Lolo Jones. Honestly, my education is in […]

The Drafts

You know how you start drafting a post and then you have to pause because life keeps happening now matter how inspired you get and then you come back to finish it and the moment is over? Either the story changed or your mood passed or you forget where you were going with the story […]

Fathers and Father’s Day

Father’s Day always sneaks up on me. Maybe it is because this year it is the weekend school lets out. I am not on my A game during big transition times, but here is Father’s Day again and I’ve done nothing for my father, husband or father-in-law. It is completely unfair. I have three amazing […]

27 Hours in LA

I just spent 27 hours in Los Angeles. That wouldn’t be so unusual for a person that lived in Phoenix or San Diego or even Las Vegas, but I live on the east coast which means I spent about 17 hours in airplanes and airports in order to spend 27 hours in California. It was […]

I’m on a Plane

I just paid $12.95 so I could complain to you live from the sky. Let’s rephrase that and say that I am going to rant, or wait, musing sounds better. I shall offer you my musings from the sky. There. That sounds far less angsty. Musings from the sky sound almost arty. This changes nothing […]

Things That Occurred to Me While Mowing My Lawn

– Somebody’s claim to fame is is hitting glass bottles with sticks on U2’s “I Will Follow”. I bet they drive their grandchildren crazy talking about it.