Things That Occurred to Me While Mowing My Lawn

– Somebody’s claim to fame is is hitting glass bottles with sticks on U2’s “I Will Follow”. I bet they drive their grandchildren crazy talking about it.

– For a person that isn’t really into Amon Amarth, I sure do have a lot of Amon Amarth on my iPod. I should probably do something about that.

– Mowing the lawn is both Zen and mind numbing. You can zone out, but really you are just walking in circles that keep getting smaller.

– I keep forgetting to make a Press Page.

– I don’t know why I took a shower before I mowed the lawn. What a waste of time and water.

This isn't me. I don't have a riding mower. Or two bushes. But if I did I would totally do this.

– Somebody also played the glockenspiel on “I Will Follow”.*

– Glockenspiel is a hilarious word. Glockenspiel.


That is all. My lawn really isn’t that big.

* I looked it up when I came inside. It was Steve Lillywhite. He produced the album “Boy”. The internet also says that bottles were thrown on the floor and bicycle wheels were spun and hit with knives and bottles, but it doesn’t say who did it. Maybe it was Steve Lillywhite. Maybe it was Bono. The mystery remains unsolved.

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  1. I don’t have a lawn (OBVIOUSLY AMIRITE?) but it occurred to me while driving yesterday that I wished Jack White was my friend, because he’d be entertaining to hang out with.

    I’m glad my ancestors dropped the Lily-.

  2. I will brag to my grandparents that I can hit my cupholder to the exact beat of the glass bottles in I Will Follow, so, yeah. Please make the Press Page. Also…aren’t their teenaged boys or girls for hire in your hood? Saves on showering again.

  3. I said “grandparents” instead of “grandchildren” though I have no living grandparents. HELLO DR. FREUD. That is how much I am not ready for my children to procreate. A LOT. I am not ready A LOT.

  4. smart aleck says:

    I love glockenspiel–it is up there with schadenfreude on the fun words to say list.

  5. I don’t mind mowing but don’t have to, its part of our community association. Running is often my zone out time.

  6. When I perfect my time machine I’m going to go back to 1975 and destroy all the glockenspiel tracks recorded for Born to Run so the Boss will just leave it the hell off of that album. U2 can keep it, I don’t care, but the E Street glockenspiel has always been deeply offensive to me. Well not always. Since 1975 anyway.

    And yeah, if I had an album credit for hitting glass bottles with sticks on a U2 album I would never shut up about it, either. Like I never shut up about how the band I was in in college opened for Camper van Beethoven once.

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