27 Hours in LA

I just spent 27 hours in Los Angeles. That wouldn’t be so unusual for a person that lived in Phoenix or San Diego or even Las Vegas, but I live on the east coast which means I spent about 17 hours in airplanes and airports in order to spend 27 hours in California. It was a whirlwind.

Why did I do that? I have two answers to that question. One, I am working with The Clever Girls Collective and Toyota. They sent some of us out to the Torrance, CA Toyota Campus where we learned about Toyota’s charities and test drove some cars. It was both enlightening and fun.

The second part to my answer is that I had an audition on Tuesday night and so I missed the first night and part of the second morning because there is no east to west coast redeye.

There was, however a flight that left DC at 5:45 am EST and landed at LAX at 9:47 am PST. Ah, yes, due to time zones and the magic of flight I was able to go from Washington DC to Charlotte, North Carolina to Los Angeles and it was still the same morning.

The trip was fun. I learned a ton about the amazing Toyota charities and they let me test drive a fuel cell hybrid car and didn’t even mention it was a one of a kind prototype that was worth about $1 million until I brought it back.

I am smiling like that because this is when I was threatening to go rouge. I stole this picture from Glennia. Thanks Glennia.

Thanks to my responsible co-pilot, Elena, I did not go rogue as I threatened, but came back for lunch. I had already been awake for 13 hours and it was just lunch time. I was beginning to worry about my own personal fuel cell and wondering why I didn’t sleep on my morning flight.

It has been bugging me ever since I typed that title. Was there actually an episode of “The West Wing” called 27 hours in L.A.? I had to look it up and theirs was “20 Hours in L.A.” so I beat them by seven hours. Or maybe they beat me. It is hard to say. This I know, I can no longer stay up for 22 hours in a row and feign coherence.

I wish I had more than 27 hours out there, but I did get to put my feet in the Pacific Ocean and even though I was to tired to drink the bottle of wine she brought for us to drink, I got to spend some quality time with Suebob which makes pretty much any amount of travel worth it.
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I am working with the Clever Girls Collective and Toyota on this campaign. Toyota paid for my trip to their campus, but these words and stories are my own.

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  1. Thanks for sharing what you were up to in LA – I’m looking forward to I’m on a Plane, Part Two. “I’m on a Plane” had me in stitches because it was so relatable.

  2. I promise–next time we are in a car together, we will go rogue! :)

  3. The lack of redeye East to West frustrated me trying to get out to San Diego last year. I had wanted to show up in the morning ready to go, sleep on the plane and not pay an extra night in the hotel, but NOOOO! Can’t do that. It’s a conspiracy.

    I remember the impulse to put my feet in the Pacific Ocean the first time I was in CA years ago. Unfortuately, it was at Huntington Beach which was technically closed and smelled of dirty diapers. Later I found out that the oil rig looking thing out on the water was there to repair a sewage treatment pipe leak. Ew.

  4. OMG! My worlds just collided. I have been reading your blog for years now and I know Elena IRL!


    Also? It’s cool you got to go to CA and I <3 Metal. I can help you write your book if you like!

  5. A whirlwind trip sounds exciting! I don’t get to venture much out of a 2 mile radius here.

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