I got this documentary on Pagan Metal from Netflix.

It turns out that Pagan Metal is not what I thought it was. According to documentarian Bill Zebub, (I swear to the Pagan Metal Gods that I didn’t make that name up. It is real. See? Pagan Metal I mean. I am clever, but not that clever.) there is this entire sub genre that is folk or pagan metal.

This is not my jam. *

This is Turisas. They are a Finnish folk metal band. That is a clear violin. He may or may not call it a fiddle. Their accordion player went missing in Amsterdam in 2008. True story. You are welcome.

Some of these bands have accordion players.  I am not entirely sure what I was expecting. Maybe the kind of black metal where they burn down churches? Maybe the big crazy Norweigan metal that involves pipe organs and elves running around in the forest? It doesn’t matter now. I have already watched 29 minutes of it, and I don’t recommend you waste your time in the same fashion.

This isn’t my first Netflix misunderstanding. I got “The Flags of Our Fathers” instead of “The Four Feathers”.


Other things that are different:

White wine and white wine vinegar

Physical Geography and Geography (I learned this one the hard way in college. Most boring class ever.)

Sweden and Switzerland

Wrathchild and Wrathchild America

Toothpaste and Bengay

* * *


* This is my jam.



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  1. I still don’t understand the difference between CSI and NCIS.

  2. At least I kind of understand your Netflix mix up. I tried to find The Searchers and I swear to you Netflix offered me Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman.

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