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I just got a Ticketmaster alert that Kreator and Accept are coming to a theater near me.

I am not sure what is more alarming, that Accept is opening for Kreator or that Ticketmaster has realized that I would care about Kreator and Accept more than, say, Glen Campbell or Jimmy Buffet who are both also coming in concert.

Incidentally, I have a theory about Jimmy Buffet fans, but I am saving it for later.

The truly disturbing part is that now I kind of want to go – and of course I clicked the link and saw three more shows that I would love to go to.

I was talking to White yesterday and I was complaining about some concert – there were three bands playing and I wanted to see one but was vehemently against seeing the other two acts again. Yes, I saw Lita Ford circa 1990. She was probably opening for Poison or Slaughter or someone equally embarrassing – I think I was lamenting that some band wasn’t very good when she threatened to write down all of the bands we have seen play live on purpose in the last three years. She said I probably didn’t have very much room to complain about bad bands. She was right.

In my defense, we only saw Jetboy twice because they were playing the same festival two years in a row. I’m not sure you can call that on purpose.

I bought Iron Maiden tickets for this weekend. Somehow I have made it almost 40 years without seeing a Maiden show. When I tell my friends I am going the ladies all say, Oh! Great! and the guys all look at me skeptically and say, How have you not seen Maiden? I almost didn’t buy tickets because we are so busy this summer, but I keep reminding myself that I was too busy when Nirvana toured in 1992 and now I will never get to see them. So I just bought the tickets. This is a life list kind of thing for me. Bruce Dickinson’s voice is only going to hold out for so long.

Photo by Mirco Toniolo

Sometimes I forget how much I love going to see live music. I am going to make a point to go see more shows this year. I might not go see Kreator and Accept, that show is on a school night, but I live in a major metropolitan area and tons of bands play here.  This is an achievable goal. I like achievable goals. They make me feel smart.

Now, for no reason whatsoever, here are three pictures I found of Bruce Dickinson.

I have no idea what is going on here. Hand weights underpants, the '80s?


I totally forgot Bruce was a pilot. Flying, fencing, metal - Is there anything Iron Maiden't can't do?


You. He is pointing at you.

* *

This post isn’t even close to being sponsored.


* * *

You guys, there is some messed up Bruce Dickinson fan art on the internet. This is why I never actually get anything done.

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  1. Frank Sucks says:

    Even I’ve seen Maiden, Twice. I’ve seen Buffet too. Can’t bring myself to see Glen, too sad.

  2. I want to see Maiden! I will be out of town though. I also want to see Alice Cooper because I have never seen him and I LOVE HIM.

    Lita opened for Crue in 1990 on the Dr. Feelgood tour. Yeah, I saw that show in Denver.

    I want to see the Poison, Def Leppard, Lita show just so I can go back in time for the evening. :)

  3. … you’ve never seen Maiden? It’s like I don’t even know you. 😉

    Tell Eddie I said hi!

  4. Beth is clearly my real friend.

  5. Slaughter… Just flashed back to hanging out on the roof of my Camaro with Nancy Rao at that sleazy apartment complex behind the USF Mall – you know the one – everybody lived there at one point or another! Loved that terrible band!

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