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How I Accidentally Scared My Kids, Again

We rented our first storage unit back in June. I have no idea how I made it to 39 years old without ever needing a storage unit, but somehow I did. My best guess is that my drummer’s mom let us practice in her garage and I never moved back in with my parents. Of […]


When I got home yesterday the door was unlocked, but nobody was there. Since we are renovating we have a lot of people coming and going. At first I was totally pissed at the electricians. The plumbers leave trash all over the house and now the electricians leave the place unlocked? But no. The electricians […]

Kerri Walsh and the Youth Fund

Working with Procter and Gamble this summer has opened my eyes to so many things. The Thank You, Mom campaign is about more than honoring your mother. It is really about helping parents and children all throughout the world. I was blown away by the generosity of P&G when they both helped the parents of […]

Upon Seeing an Amish Horse and Buggy Rolling Down the Highway

We were driving from DC to central Ohio to visit some childhood friends when we saw an Amish gentleman driving his horse and cart down highway 30. “Hey guys, look! It is an Amish guy.” I said. “Why doesn’t he just buy a car?” one of them asked. “Well, the Amish don’t drive cars or […]

We are Taking Our Son Out of Cub Scouts

We haven’t told my son that we are pulling him out of Cub Scouts yet. We haven’t told him because we want to sit down with him and talk about why. I have talked to him about the anti-gay policies that the Boy Scouts felt the need to reiterate a few weeks ago, and I […]

The Olympics Bring Out the Best In Everyone

On Monday I spent six hours at La Guardia. It is kind of a long and uninteresting story, but the upside (if you can call it that) was that I got to spend a few hours in an airport bar watching the Olympic Games. The hectic pace of the televised coverage can make your head […]

The Fall of the Neighborhood Test Drive Plan

Do you guys remember my genius plan to have a neighborhood test drive for my Toyota Women’s Influencer Network project? Yeah, it mostly didn’t happen. Part of it was my fault, I thought I was going to get a Toyota to borrow for my family road trip so I didn’t jump on it, then that […]