The Fall of the Neighborhood Test Drive Plan

Do you guys remember my genius plan to have a neighborhood test drive for my Toyota Women’s Influencer Network project? Yeah, it mostly didn’t happen. Part of it was my fault, I thought I was going to get a Toyota to borrow for my family road trip so I didn’t jump on it, then that didn’t work out and I actually went on my family road trip in my old car and when I got home all of my neighbors went on vacation.

Did I mention that my road trip may have killed that car and now I need a new one? (Story on that forthcoming. Still too traumatic to talk about.)

Well, one of my friends not only e-mailed me promptly about having a Toyota – a convertible Toyota – that she was willing to let me test drive, but she was also still in town this week. She isn’t one of my neighbors, but I wish she was. I really like her, and her husband barbecues a lot and they have a special fridge just dedicated to beer and wine.

They would be the perfect neighbors.

Anyway, we set up a date and a time and she brought her Toyota with her and handed me the keys to her Toyota Solara convertible.

It was really fun. I haven’t driven a convertible in a long time and it was a beautiful day.

The car handled fabulously. Shut up. That is a word. Jean even let me take it out on 395 and drive fast. Vroom vroom! It had great pick up and she says she loves her car after four years.

Of course they don’t make them anymore.


Then we went to lunch where we realized that we forgot to take pictures during our test drive.

So we did these fake photos afterwards.

Me. Serious this time. Dramatization.


Me happy. Pretending to drive. Dramatization.

Me waving. Not even pretending to drive. Parked in front of a no parking sign. Terrible dramatization.

The bottom line is that her car is awesome and they don’t make it anymore (but from what I understand it is a lot like the current Camry) and more people should have friends like Jean.
* * *
I am working with the Clever Girls Collective and Toyota on this campaign. Toyota paid for my trip to their campus, but these words and stories are my own.

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  1. I have a Prius if you want to come all the way to my house and drive it.

  2. Nice dramatizations! Looking forward to your traumatic tale.

  3. Yes. Everyone should have friends like Jean.

    Have fun in NYC.

  4. Aunt Bob says:

    Awww thanks. I had fun, too.

    And if the house renovation doesn’t work out, you could just move to my neighborhood.

  5. I may need a new car, too. We can car shop together. And cry together when we have to make the payments.

  6. You should totally get an 18-month extended test drive Sienna or something from Toyota like they do for Motor Trend mag. C’mon Toyota! Get with the program!

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