The Olympics Bring Out the Best In Everyone

On Monday I spent six hours at La Guardia. It is kind of a long and uninteresting story, but the upside (if you can call it that) was that I got to spend a few hours in an airport bar watching the Olympic Games.

The hectic pace of the televised coverage can make your head spin. There were two televisions showing two different Olympic feeds. Running/soccer/medal ceremony/dressage/back to soccer/water polo/hurdles/tennis/another medal ceremony/basketball.

Did I mention they had the NFL network on another TV?

It was ADD sports heaven.

Somehow out of all of the images the one that really stuck with me was a crowd shot. It was Sir Paul McCartney jumping up and down and clapping for Britian’s Dani King, Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell who had just won the gold in the track cycling women’s team pursuit.

Paul McCartney.

I cannot imagine what it would feel like to have a Beatle rooting for me, but I am going see if I can get a hold of Ringo because I imagine it is an incredible feeling and Paul looks busy with the Olympic Games.

I am not sure why I was thinking so much about the level of competition and not nearly as much about the fact that the entire planet is watching these games. I love it that the Olympic Games give us the opportunity to feel patriotic in a way that doesn’t involve combat. I think the Olympic Games bring out the best in everyone.

Look what P&G is doing to pamper the athletes and their families.

Amazing, right?

The P&G U.S. Family Home is part of P&G’s “Thank you, Mom” campaign, which focuses on recognizing the role moms play in raising great kids and P&G is the first Worldwide Olympic Partner to recognize the role of moms and families in an Olympian’s athletic development.

The P&G Family home is a place where the families of the athletes can enjoy the Olympics and celebrate together.

* * *

Disclaimer: I am being compensated for my work with Procter & Gamble but these words and these stories are my own.

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  1. I love this line: “I love it that the Olympic Games give us the opportunity to feel patriotic in a way that doesn’t involve combat.”

    Just yes. This.

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