Kerri Walsh and the Youth Fund

Working with Procter and Gamble this summer has opened my eyes to so many things. The Thank You, Mom campaign is about more than honoring your mother. It is really about helping parents and children all throughout the world.

I was blown away by the generosity of P&G when they both helped the parents of the Olympians get to London and hosted them once they were there, but that is nothing compared to their ongoing efforts when it comes to Youth Sports.

P&G pledged to raise $5 million dollars for youth sports this year and they exceeded their goal by $1 million. That is $6 million to support sports development, school equipment, youth funds and scholarships and to ensure low income children places in summer sports camps across the world.

$6 million is incredible right?

I thought so too, but beach volleyball gold medalist Kerri Walsh and Procter and Gamble thought it wasn’t quite enough.

As a brand ambassador for Pampers, Kerri has announced that she and P&G intend to raise $25 million to say ‘Thank You Mom’ by helping establish and sustain youth sport programs around the world.

$25 million can help a lot of kids learn the importance of team sports. Kids need both the exercise and the skills to work with a team. $25 million can buy a lot of equipment.

Like Kerri said:

“Sport has played a rich and meaningful role in my life since early childhood and, as a mother, I value the role it plays in helping my children have healthy, well-rounded lives. Supporting today’s little athletes, whether or not they grow up to become tomorrow’s Olympians, is essential. Play helps babies develop, just as sport helps children learn important life skills and I’m delighted to help P&G and Pampers in their announcement today.”

You can follow @thankyoumom on Twitter or like the Thank You, Mom page on Facebook to help support their efforts. And don’t forget you can also chat with Kerri and Pampers using the @KerriLeeWalsh and @Pampers Twitter handles.


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Disclaimer: I am being compensated for my work with Procter & Gamble but these words and these stories are my own.


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