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Playing Hooky

Education was always a big deal in my family. My parents rarely took us out of school for vacations and we didn’t take sick days unless we were really sick – or, I suppose, if we could convince my mom we were really sick. That is the kind of parenting skill you learn by example. […]

Don’t Worry, I Didn’t Write That One

I am not sure why, but I want to give you guys an idea of how my creative process works, or really, in this case, how my creative process doesn’t work. I am painfully aware that I haven’t written anything here in a week and so I was brainstorming in my favorite think tank – […]

We Have a Winner!

*drumroll* …and the winner of the Kraut Prize Pack is Traci from Go Big or Go Home.

Kraut Rocks! Win a Prize Pack!

I have gotten away from writing about food here. I’m not sure why. I love food. I love talking about food. I like watching TV shows about food. I love eating food. I don’t even really mind grocery shopping. Today I want to talk about a food that you probably don’t spend too much time […]


One time my mom called me all freaked out about geotagging. Apparently my sister-in-law told her that people could find out where you were by looking at a picture you took if you weren’t careful. Not only did I already know that, I clearly don’t care if people care where I am. You can tell […]