One time my mom called me all freaked out about geotagging. Apparently my sister-in-law told her that people could find out where you were by looking at a picture you took if you weren’t careful.

Not only did I already know that, I clearly don’t care if people care where I am. You can tell by my Foursquare activity and the fact that I lam always yelling about places on Twitter.

Yes, sometimes Foursquare can be creepy, but if you aren’t on you are missing the tips. If it weren’t for Foursquare I never would have ordered the hummus at this restaurant the other day and it was TO DIE FOR.

Other times, the tips aren’t quite as helpful. This does not mean that they aren’t amusing.

Like this from Piero P.

I wasn't going to.

Or this gem of a tip.

Oh geez, David H. Does your mother know you are writing stuff like this on Foursquare?

I can’t help but wonder if David H. is homeless, 13 years old or a Giant employee.

Not that any of those things would stop me from taking a screen shot of it and sharing it with you.

This is really why I blog.


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  1. It’s not every day that you get such helpful PSAs. And how do you take a screen shot of something on your screen? It pains me to admit that my 3 year old can do it playing with my phone but I have yet to figure out how the sam hell he did it.

  2. I don’t have a smartphone, but since I’m either at work, home, the Y, or my kids’ school, pretty much anyone who wants to know where I am can make an educated guess. (I’m not so much traceable as predictable. Now I’m depressed.)

  3. There are A LOT of tips about poop. The Borgata Casino in Atlantic City NJ apparently is a “safe place to poop”. It makes me wonder what places are unsafe that this tipster has checked out…

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