Don’t Worry, I Didn’t Write That One

I am not sure why, but I want to give you guys an idea of how my creative process works, or really, in this case, how my creative process doesn’t work.

I am painfully aware that I haven’t written anything here in a week and so I was brainstorming in my favorite think tank – the shower.

I was thinking about how of late I am convinced that every place I go is haunted and how that makes me never want to take a shower when I am home alone. This led me to the conclusion that if I lived all by myself I would probably be super smelly unless I had a lot of house guests.

I decided to not write about that because it made me seem both crazy and unclean.

But I kept thinking about scary things because one would hate to be at ease in the shower. I had an epiphany. Or whatever an epiphany is called when it is completely wrong. I decided that the twins from “The Shining” looked just like Chloe Sevigny.

Then it got weirder. This is how it sounded in my head.

Oh my God, I wonder if Chloe Sevigny was the twins in “The Shining”. Wait. That doesn’t make any sense. Yes, Sarah. Kubrick probably cast young Chloe and doubled her using 1970s technology instead of hiring regular twins and nobody ever mentioned this trivia because it wasn’t interesting enough. It was like a creepy version of “The Parent Trap”. Fine. A creepier version of “The Parent Trap”. Plus, she would have to be like 50. Wait 40. What the hell year did “The Shining” come out? I remember walking into the family room when my parents were watching it on HBO and seeing the scene where all of the blood came rushing out of the elevator and that pretty much wrecked my life. How old was I then? Eight? Seven? Wait, is Chloe Sevigny my age? She has a much better job that I do. I should really get out and do something with my life.

And then I decided not to write about that either, even though I had a really good point.

I mean look.

The Twins from "The Shining"


Chloe Sevigny

See? I told you!

I think I probably need to me medicated.

But you can see why I didn’t write that post. That would have been crazy.

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  1. Is it crazy that I had to go look up the credits for The Shining to make sure it wasn’t Chloe Sevigny that played the twins? (It wasn’t — per Wikipedia, they were played by Lisa and Louise Burns

  2. Since you had me curious:

    last pic is the twins from probably early 200x, since the post was from 2005.

  3. Well, I just like knowing I’m not the only one with crazy brain. Makes me feel less crazy.

  4. I’m pretty sure Chloe S is at least 10 years younger than us. She has always been cooler than, well, just about everyone. Also, do you think MY HOUSE is haunted?

  5. Woah, I looked it up and she really is about our age. I thought she was roaming the streets of NYC as a 12-year-old when we were in college. How did I get that so wrong?

  6. I’m not sure those twins are any less creepy-looking now.

  7. Umm..not crazy at all. Totally see it. After looking at the website of “what they look like now” I’m not sure that is even them.

  8. Freaky.

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