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Education was always a big deal in my family. My parents rarely took us out of school for vacations and we didn’t take sick days unless we were really sick – or, I suppose, if we could convince my mom we were really sick. That is the kind of parenting skill you learn by example.

So we don’t take our kids out of school very often – but yesterday I took them out of school an hour and a half early to go watch a baseball game.

This is a good time to tell you two important things. 1) This is the first time a Washington D.C. baseball team has made it to the post-season since 1933 and,  2) I own, run, and write for a sports blog. Writing about sports and parenting is how I make a living.

I suppose telling you that I had some floating baseball tickets and the Nationals only had four home games left and the other three were again the Phillies would also be important information. Also that Mondays are all half days in my county so the kids pretty much just missed lunch and social studies.

I was feeling a little bit weird about pulling them out of school for a sporting event, but then we got there and it was glorious.


It was a crisp clear day, really the first day it felt like autumn. We had to wear sweatshirts.

Sarah and the Goon Squad


I taught them how to read the score board. We talked about balls and outs and errors. I showed them how to tell which position each athlete played. I explained fouls when they came our way. We ate hot dogs and popcorn. They made fun of me for rooting so loudly for Teddy Roosevelt to win the President’s Race.

My children now recognize Jayson Werth by sight. Not that he really looks like anyone else, except maybe the Geico caveman.

We talked about triples and doubles and playoff berths and the difference between a wild card spot and winning a division. I taught them what home team advantage was.

It was almost like homeschooling if you consider major league baseball an appropriate subject for third graders.

Clearly I do.

The Nationals crushed the Brewers 12-2 in the final game of a four game series.

At first I was uncomfortable pulling them out of school to do something so frivolous, but I know now that it was the right decision. The three of us had a day none of us will ever forget.


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  1. I’ve done it for less than that. Also I’m trying to plan a Disney vacation for next fall. I WILL take mine out for a week. I figure if they are doing good in school, an occasional missed day for something doesn’t hurt anyone.

    Plus? They will remember that you took them out of school to see a baseball game. This will be a story they remember and tell others one day. :)

  2. Also? Dollar hotdogs. AWESOME!

  3. That’s why I pull my kids out of school for Opening Day every year — even if it is the Mets.

  4. I’m doing the same thing tomorrow, but my kids are missing the whole day. I’m saving the surprise for tomorrow morning when they wake up. Looking back, when they are older, they’ll remember the day they played hooky to see a baseball game, but the won’t remember a random day of first grade and fifth grade. Or so I tell myself.

  5. Could be worse – Jayson Werth could look like John “JaseOfBase” Jaso.

  6. I LOVE that photo of the three of you.

    When I was in maybe fourth grade, my mom took me out of school so I could go skiing. I still remember that day. It was totally frivolous, but it was great. And somehow, I still graduated.

  7. Yep, I’ve pulled my kids out of school for special family time. No apologies, either. :-)

  8. Frank Sucks says:

    But did you teach them how to keep score?

  9. Clearly you are the BEST. MOM. EVAR.

  10. Oh, my poor Brewers.

    Sounds like a much more memorable day than your kids would have had otherwise. Good call!

  11. +1 for this! I didn’t have to pull the Beaner out of school for it, but I had a similar experience taking him to his first NFL game (pre-season Eagles-Steelers). I explained offense and defense, what the roles of all the players were, downs, punts, “the chains”, and so much more. It was more fun for me because I was sharing it with him. I heartily endorse this kind of fresh air education!

  12. Kids need to live a little, too! Life is too short. Good for you on enjoying a wonderful afternoon with them. :)

  13. That’s so awesome! A day you will never forget. You educated your kids about stuff that actually they’ll remember and care about, probably for the rest of their lives.

    I admit to being a homeschooler, but I roundly support what you did!

    See you at the non-con in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to meeting you!

  14. Hi Sarah! Thanks for sharing. I think you did a great thing in taking your kids out for the sport event. It’s easy to get brainwashed into believing that school is the ONLY place where kids get educated. I used to take my kids out of school if there was an event that I thought they would enjoy and remember.

    I bet your kids will remember and talk about the fun they had that day for a long time – longer than they would have talked about an ordinary school day!

    Keep sharing!

  15. Sorry, I know this is a late/delayed comment…but I just realized last week the Nationals were a major league team :)

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