There is Change

Just when I think I can’t take it anymore. Just when I think – this was the wrong decision. We should have moved. Remodeling is going to kill us. Just when I think I haven’t had an air conditioner since June and now I need heat and I don’t have that either. Just when I think nothing has changed and I’ve been looking at this half renovated kitchen for weeks and I am going to snap.


Just then, I put in an old photo card with pictures from July and I see this.

My Old Kitchen

That first picture? I took this picture standing in the same exact spot just over three months ago.

Sometimes you just need a little perspective.


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  1. Kitchen renovations are the absolute pits. My ex’s company does them, yet I NEVER got mine. Heh. It WILL be worth it when it’s done. You will never regret having done it, once it’s finally over.

  2. An aptly titled post. That is certainly change!

  3. LOVE what I am seeing and it will be totally worth it! Trust me. This time last year we were in it too and I still look at it daily and love the results.

  4. My folks redid theirs about this time last fall and it lasted over the holiday which…whoa. Your renovations look fantastic and while it’s so stressful right now, it will so be worth it in the end.

    Hang in there lady; it’s gonna be incredible.

  5. smart aleck says:

    Nice! You give me hope, because it looks like our future involves buying a house that needs work instead of buying turn key perfect (because of my student status) or building from scratch (because we went to the auction yesterday and they *started* the bids higher than we thought they’d finish at….for tiny postage stamp sized lots…the culture shock of living in a city versus out in the country—the more people rebuild, the less land there is to work with).

    As far as time tables…those dang Property Brothers make it sound so simple and quick….yeah, I read that they use three crews to make it happen on time (the neighbors must love that!)…

    Looking forward to seeing you come out of the other side of the reno safely and sanely so I know it’s possible and not a fluke that once happened to one couple…

  6. How did you decide on that renovation thing? your kitchen looked very nice, you should have just add some colors and you would have have a totally new kitchen. Why do people go the hard way? I just feel bad for you since I know how much headache this renovation process brings.

  7. It will be worth it when it is done.

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