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Unpleasant Pearls of Wisdom

1) When you are comforting your child who is sick with the flu you are right. You are going to get it too. 2) If you are cutting up jalapeños and taking the seeds out make sure you generously wash your hands and leave ample time before you take out your contacts. Or tampon. 3) […]

Out Out Damn Bug!

I am the Lady MacBeth of lice. Seriously, I always think I have lice and I never do. In December my head was itching like crazy and I was convinced I was infested, but no. It was (wait for it) glitter. I did not have lice. I had glitter. GLITTER. It was far more glamorous […]

Finally, A Justification for Impulse Buys

On Saturday, Claudia and I went to Walgreens to pick up one item. We needed some shampoo. Of course, since it was just the two of us, we also agreed to browse the nail polish selection. We completely forgot to check out the nail polish but we remembered that we also needed conditioner and toothpaste. […]

Because I Am No Longer Capable of Writing in More Than 140 Characters

Balance Rewards, My Friends

I am not going to lie, I am a little bit weird about drug stores. No joke. I like walking around in drug stores. I like looking at the nail polish colors. I like browsing the shampoo aisle. I like the bizarre stuff that always shows up in the holiday aisle. I like drug stores. […]