Balance Rewards, My Friends

I am not going to lie, I am a little bit weird about drug stores.

No joke. I like walking around in drug stores. I like looking at the nail polish colors. I like browsing the shampoo aisle. I like the bizarre stuff that always shows up in the holiday aisle. I like drug stores. When Walgreens asked if I wanted to do a little project with their Balance Reward program I agreed quickly. I get rewards for buying stuff at Walgreens? I am so in.

Really, it is cool and easy you can sign up here and pretty much start earning points right away. You can earn them in the store or online, you can even transfer most prescriptions online and they give you extra points for being lazy. MY FAVORITE. Plus, Walgreens gives you special deals just for signing up, and the entire program is totally free.

I just signed up, so I don’t have any points yet, but I do need some nail polish remover and something for this head cold so I will be going to Walgreens later today. In a week or two I will let you know what I am doing with all of my points.

I am an over-sharer that way.

They built a big shiny new Walgreens a few minutes away from my house about a year ago so I will be going there. Did I mention the drive through? As much as I like browsing in drug stores in the summer, that is how much I like sitting in my car with its seat warmers in the winter. I’m pretty sure I have to go inside to get my nail polish remover, but on those cold days with the sick kid in the bad seat on the way home from the pediatrician’s office, the drive through is where you will find me.

Then again, if it snows I can always order my nail polish remover online. AND STILL GET POINTS!

I have no idea why I am yelling. I think I am either unreasonably happy that the children went back to school or I have already taken enough cold medicine. Maybe I should nap and then go to Walgreens.

* * *

 I am being compensated by Walgreens for these posts, but these words and opinions are all my own.

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  1. Frank Sucks says:

    Of course it replaced a much better Duane Reede points program when WG bought them out, which replaced an even better Duane Reede program. But once in a while I get a kick back. The WG prescription program has come in handy however.

  2. I’m the same way. think it stems from my childhood where a “bight family night out” meant a trip to the local Taco Bell (Bell-Beefer anyone?) and a jaunt to Sav-On. I loved wandering through the bright store and my weekly allowance was usually spent before I hit the door.

    We’re Walgreens balance reward members as well. Although it seems I always get my coupons (which expire within 48 hours of issue) right after I’ve restocked our house with everything we could possibly need for a month. Also, my allowance is spent.

    Some things just don’t change.

  3. smart aleck says:

    I love drug stores….I have an addiction to small purchases that don’t take up much room and are less detectible by the husband….(is detectible even a word?).
    That’s where pens and nail polish come in handy–and they sell great cheap candy at Walgreens–the chocolate caramel russell stover for every holiday at 39 cents? LOVE it! And great to distract said husband with–“I got you something while I was out”–sugar comas keep him from noticing new nail polish and pens :-)

    They also have some of the best deals on bottled water (I love their Nice brand)–cheaper than the warehouse club, and since I don’t drink the tap water here (and don’t have a filter on our fridge), they keep me and my wallet happy.

  4. Rite-Aid has what I consider an anti-rewards program. You sign up and you have to earn a certain number of points before you start getting discounts. It made me so mad that I decided to never go there unless I am absolutely desperate. So, great marketing, Rite-Aid team!

  5. My first job was at CVS and I had to stick the shampoo aisle. I LOVE going to drugstores and wandering around! I’ll have to compare CVS rewards to Walgreens.

  6. Yeah. I like drug stores, too. Oh let’s face it – I just like to shop.

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