Out Out Damn Bug!

I am the Lady MacBeth of lice.

Seriously, I always think I have lice and I never do.

In December my head was itching like crazy and I was convinced I was infested, but no. It was (wait for it) glitter.

I did not have lice. I had glitter.

GLITTER. It was far more glamorous than I could have imagined. Also itchier. One should be more careful when one is taking down sparkly decorations.

One time – ONE TIME – months ago one of children actually had lice. Ever since then I have had delusions of parasites.

About once every other week I comb through my hair with the little stabby comb and nothing is ever in there. I’m sure the damage I am doing to my scalp is what is causing the itching. Now that I am thinking it out it is probably just healing from the last time I scraped the crap out of my poor head.

Is this something that happens to other people?

You don’t really have to answer that.

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  1. The oldest had lice about two years ago..I still look at her head carefully EVERY time I dry it after her shower. I still buy Fairy Tales shampoo with the tea tree oil for her to use occasionally to keep the lice at bay. I cannot tell you how annoyed she is every time I say DO NOT SHARE HATS. And now my head itches just reading this.

  2. Uh yes. Mine girls had lice one time. They were four and seven. Yeah…that was four years ago and I’m still not over it. I’m not sure that I’ll EVER be over it.

  3. Uh yes. My girls had lice one time. They were four and seven. Yeah…that was four years ago and I’m still not over it. I’m not sure that I’ll EVER be over it.

  4. Kids had lice. It got so bad we all had it. I was 43 (or 44) before I ever got lice. You’re not paranoid to keep checking.

  5. Our last lice experience was in 2004 and I still panic when I think I see lice in one of the kids’ hair. It was positively stressful, exhausting and borderline traumatizing. You are not alone!

  6. I know what you mean… It’s paranoia. You shouldn’t afraid your anxiety, it can help you don’t have parasites. But if you afraid very much, go to psychiatrist or psychologist. I think that it’s not fearfully.
    P.S. Sorry for my mistakes, my English isn’t good.

  7. smart aleck says:

    I am so paranoid about it that if I see someone purchasing lice removal products, I will change lines at the store…if it is the only line open, I will shop for an extra half an hour and spend another $50 to avoid the chance I can get it.

    And now….I am itchy.

    I also live in a condo building with shared hallways and want to go lysol the hall every time I hear someone hacking by my door…imagine what I will be like once this kid is born!

  8. Just what questionable establishments have you been hanging out in, glitter girl?

  9. I understand. Every time someone mentions lice at school, I ask the nurse to check my head. Maybe I will have her check tomorrow, just in case.

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