Mowing Musings

Warning: To understand this post you might need a working knowledge of Great White’s catalog. Basically only Laurie, Tammy, Ritch and Celeste will know what the hell I am talking about. That’s right, you heard me. I haven’t written a word here in three months and now I open with this statement. I apologize. You can read it anyway.

* * *

I might make mowing musings a series. I always have deep musical thoughts while mowing the lawn. Or at least thoughts.

I have an iPod that I pretty much only use when I mow my yard. I listen to music a lot, but I generally use my computer, the iPod on my phone, Pandora, Spotify or the Sirius in my car. This is only important because I haven’t used my iPod all winter and I didn’t remember what music was on there. I was mowing my lawn today and I was just as surprised as you are right now that I had added Great White’s “Mista Bone” to my playlist.

Stop laughing. You like dumb music too.

My first thought was: This song is ridiculous!

My second thought was: I love this song!

I decided to roll with it both because it really does have a good groove and because I didn’t have pockets and so my iPod was in my bra and there is no way to easily access it without shaming myself in front of the neighbor kids.

So I was mowing and listening to Great White and I heard this line “I’d drive a mile just to ride you again.”

And I got to thinking. A mile isn’t very far. He is saying like he is really into this girl and his show of devotion is driving one mile? I personally would run a mile if I thought my child was hurt. I would WALK a mile for a free beer or some Doritios.  I would drive a mile to avoid a long traffic light. I am not impressed with Jack Russell’s sacrifices for this woman.


Am I over thinking the fifth track on Twice Shy? Probably. Is there something smarter I could have written about after a three  month hiatus? Certainly. Am I back? Definitely.

I’ve missed you.

* * *

Psst – I’m back on MamaPop too!  This week I wrote about the Delta Gamma email. Did you know I was a DG? Now you do.



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  1. I’m laughing anyway. \m/ \m/

    Seriously, those two Scotsmen with nerd glasses have Great White beat by a factor of 500, and then 500 more.

  2. This blog is already publicly shaming yourself in front of the neighbor kids. Well, somebody had to say it.

    That whole “drive a mile” metaphor perfectly describes what is wrong with most American hair metal – a lack of fortitude. Judas Priest wouldn’t talk about a mile, they’d have a chasm. Iron Maiden would battle all of hell.

    And I’m almost offended you didn’t include ME in that list of people who would know what you’re talking about.

  3. Yeah, a mile is an insufficient commitment. Especially if you take into account that the guy from The Proclaimers offered to walk 500 miles and then 500 miles more. (Different genres, same time period.)

  4. I swim a mile every morning. A mile ain’t nothin’! Not impressed either.

  5. First: Mista Bone is a great song. Love the thumping bass line. Favorite track off of that album.

    Second and most important: Put the song in the context of the time. Driving a mile to put his love gun in a specific holster was going out of the way for Mr. Russell at the time. Remember, they were pretty big at that point and groupies were scrambling to get in the bus.

    Finally: 20+ years later… not so much. I bet he’d go a little further for it, however, he is going to need assistance because I still don’t think he can really move much after the accident he had in 2009.

    • Didn’t you see the other comments? The Proclaimers would walk 999 more miles. 999 MORE MILES THAN JACK RUSSELL PRE ACCIDENT.

      I’m just saying, even for a rock star walking one mile is pretty weak.

      • But you have SEEN the Proclaimers guys right? Plus, they’re Scottish. Nothing but goats for miles in Scotland. My point was he HAD no reason to go a mile. None. Twernt necessary.

  6. smart aleck says:

    We walk more than a mile to get beignets and coffee. They are incredible beignets, and we like to think we burn them off on the walk there and back, but no…

    Maybe it was really windy out when he wrote those lyrics–you don’t want to mess the metal hair, ya know…Aqua Net can’t cure everything (although in the mid to late 80s most of us thought it could).

    Welcome back :-)

  7. Well who else is she to groove with when she wants it RUDE?

    I concur with the above. Back in the day, Jack Russell really only had to go a couple feet to get rocked. The Proclaimers are dorks who HAD to walk thousands of miles!

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