Sarah Test Drives a Mazda3

Disclaimer: I normally charge a bunch of money for a sponsored post here on Sarah and the Goon Squad, but you know how sometimes you are working with a company on one thing and then they call you one night to say, “Hey, we had a cancellation on one of our Mazda3 reviews, do you want to test drive it for a week starting tomorrow?” and you are over at your neighbors house on your third beer singing Journey songs and so you are in a really good mood, and you are all like “Sure! I’d love to! I have to go, I think they are playing ‘Separate Ways’. Bye!” Yeah, well that happened. In the interest of full disclosure, I am working with Mazda, but this was just a free test drive that I agreed to tell you about. -SB

* * *

If you read my introduction, you know that I was not a prepared as I normally am for a test drive when they dropped the Mazda3 at my house. I was excited because it was super cute!

I was also excited because it had a full tank of gas and my own car was running on fumes, so this meant I wouldn’t have to go get gas before basketball practice. They also told me that the Mazda3 gets about 40 miles per gallon so I was super psyched because it really meant that I wouldn’t have to go get gas for another week and my SUV costs about $60 to fill up.

Then I was really, really excited because they said this car has SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, which I didn’t know what was, but it sounded cool. I figured it was a fancy technology package and maybe I could hide out in the Safeway parking lot and watch Doctor Who instead of doing laundry. It turns out that SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY is actually an entirely new way of engineering cars. Since I don’t understand crap about engineering I will now direct you to what appears to be a super smart article about it from Autoweek.

You are welcome. I think. I married an engineer so that somebody could help the children understand this sort of thing. I am in charge of other child rearing duties like yelling at kids to get out of the street and snacks.

Now, just because SKYACTIVE TECHNOLOGY didn’t mean I could access Netflix from the vehicle (I don’t think, I didn’t actually try to do that. I only had a week.) doesn’t mean it didn’t have a sweet technology package. This car had built in TomTom and my personal favorite, satellite radio which means I can listen to things like this

or things like this

equally mortifying the children if their friends are in the car.

To be completely honest, I didn’t drive the car nearly as much as I would have liked because nature decided it would be a good idea to snow in the middle of Spring Break and although driving in snow doesn’t bother me, I did grow up in Florida and I’m still not completely comfortable driving a borrowed car in snow.

BUT! The weather cleared up my the end of the week and I was able to take the Mazda3 into Washington D.C. for lunch one day and that is when I discovered my very very favorite part about this car.

It parallel parks like a dream.

Look at that! First try. It almost looks like I look like I know what I am doing. And don’t worry, Mazda. I even borrowed some extra change to feed the meter when our lunch ran long.

This is a fun, zippy little car that is fantastic for city driving. I just wish they had let me keep it for a little bit longer. The next day I went on a road trip and I would have like to have really checked out that gas mileage.

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  1. Hahaha about not wanting to drive a borrowed car in the snow.

    I’m in a rental. For the next forever. (Pay attention when coming around corners. It’s really inconvenient to the driver whose car you hit)

    We got six inches of snow on day two in the first rental. And I get seven inches of snow tomorrow for my second rental (because the first car was recalled. And hi, I hate my life sometimes.)

    I got over driving in the snow in a borrowed car real fast. The satellite radio function is awesome. As is good gas mileage.

  2. I test drove the Mazda cx9 and didn’t like it. The husband had one of their hatchback car things as a rental once and I didn’t like that either. I felt like, on both of them, the driver seat was very high, I even tried adjusting the seat on the rental we had and that’s just the way it was. I could be just a freak though. The cx9 didn’t have enough ‘shit n git’ for me.

  3. I laughed out loud reading this because I thought the same thing about SKYACTIV when I reviewed that car. :)

    My brain still thinks you and I will be rooming together starting tomorrow. Have a great time singing! You will be missed.

  4. So, can you watch Dr Who in it instead of doing laundry? Because that would be a selling point.

  5. I love the Mazda 3 hatchback. I thought about getting one when I needed a car, but got such a great deal on the Hyundai that I couldn’t pass it up. But whenever I see a Mazda 3 I go “DOH. I shoulda bought that car.”

    Another thing about the Liquid Metal station? It magically clears up bumper-to-bumper traffic. I have it pre-programmed just for that reason.

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