Kicking the Can

I finally kicked.

I am proud to say that I have gone eight days without eating a Pringle.

I have no idea how you just reacted to reading that sentence. You might be confused. You might think I am am idiot. If you follow me closely on Twitter you might be proud of me, having been updated on my escalating Pringles problem. If you are my daughter you are happy because it means I stopped eating the chips I said I was buying for you.

This is no joke. I was up to a can a day. I generally chose sour cream and onion, but any flavor would do.

Well, not any flavor.  Those dill pickle ones are bullshit, but any of the other varieties would do in a pinch. I even kind of loved those multigrain ones. They grow on you.

Pringles Can

These were totally my jam.

That whole “Once you pop, you can’t stop” thing isn’t a marketing campaign – it is a warning.

I haven’t looked at the ingredients but I suspect there is nicotine, or OxyContin or heroin in them because this has been a real struggle. Maybe even all three. I should have the FDA look into this.

I haven’t looked at the calories either because some things you just can’t face alone and are far too embarrassing to do with other people.

I am eight days Pringle free and I feel great.


* * *

I am over on MamaPop talking about Kat Von D’s breakup with DJ Dangrmau5. Don’t judge me. Go read it.

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  1. “some things you just can’t face alone and are far too embarrassing to do with other people.” <—story of my life.

    Congratulations, friend. One day at a time.

  2. speak it my friend. those pringles! i am with you on this! i just got a new job in april and had to do a bunch on computer based learning modules by myself. a can of pringles a day? lets discuss a can of pringles for breakfast. luckily i’m done with those modules but it was a really good breakfast.

  3. Time for some Doritos!

  4. smart aleck says:

    Congratulations…they are evil little bastards…which is why I rarely allow them in my house.
    There’s plenty of other junk here, so we’re no angels.

    Look at his face–he seems to be smiling, but is really just a floating head of evil. On second thought, don’t look at his face. It’s too soon.

  5. The only good thing about Pringles is that you can assure yourself when you’re eating them that you’re not having too much potato. Because I’m pretty sure they’re darn near potato-free.

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