My Bus Was Never This Lucrative

Monday afternoon my second grade son got off of the bus waving around what appeared to be a piece of paper. “Mom! Jacob W. just gave me fifty bucks!” It really looked like a fifty dollar bill, but that was impossible, right? Jacob W. is in first grade. He handed it to me and there […]

Forward Thinking

“Why isn’t there anywhere to live in D.C.?” asked Elizabeth. I was surprised. She seemed kind of emotional about it. “What kind of place are you looking for?” I asked her. “Like an apartment.” she said. “T.J. has been looking on the internet and everything is so expensive!” “You guys are moving out?” I asked. […]

The Halloween Debacle – Part 2

To get the whole story you have to first read “The Halloween Debacle – Part 1.” * * * When I left the parade I was really hoping that Claudia would find her costume on the school bus on the ride home, but when she came off of the bus empty handed I knew we […]

The Halloween Costume Debacle – Part 1

I am not a terribly prepared or organized human being, but I know from experience that if you wait until mid-October to buy children’s Halloween costumes they will be picked over and you will never get what you want. Halloween is the one holiday I have down, when school starts in September we order our […]

With the Lights Out It’s Less Dangerous

Claudia has decided what she wants to be for Halloween. She is seven years old. What on earth have I created? I will take partial credit. The Goon Squad’s birth announcement featured a picture of the twins wearing Misfit’s onesies. Then there was this. Then I praised her when she wanted these. But none of […]