Finding White Trash Moms Among Us

Have you guys read “The White Trash Mom Handbook”? (if you can memorize a lot of words in a row the full title is The White Trash Mom Handbook: Embrace Your Inner Trailerpark, Forget Perfection, Resist Assimilation into the PTA, Stay Sane, and Keep Your Sense of Humor). I just finished reading it yesterday. I […]

Three Embarrassing Confessions

Confession #1. Thanks to my cohorts over at MamaPop I am hopelessly addicted to The Twilight Series. Yes, I am reading young adult fiction. I am reading an entire series of young adult fiction – and it is about vampires – and I am staying up way to late at night to read these books, […]

Another Contest: What the Hell is Sarah Reading #4

Since Geena won my last “What the Hell is Sarah” contest

What the Hell is Sarah Reading? Part 3: A Contest

I even have a prize this time. I will have a signed copy of Mommy Guilt signed by bothDevra Renner and Aviva Pflock (assuming I remember to ask Aviva at the J & J thing). Now, if you are not a Mommy do not worry. It applies to Daddies too. If you are not a […]

Desperately Seeking Amazon Kindle

Do any of you work for I really want to check out The Kindle. It looks really cool. Can anybody hook me up?

What The Hell is Sarah Reading? Episode 2

I still have this stupid cold/flu/scurvy whatever-the-hell is making me miserable. I am to tired to be clever, so instead we will play a little game called What the Hell is Sarah Reading? (You may remember this game from Episode 1: The pig fisting episode. Thank you Anthony Bourdain.) This one should be a little […]

123, 5, 3 Meme

Alison from AliBlog tagged me for a meme last night. Now normally I am not this prompt about anything, but since hers was the first blog I ever read (yes, I owe most of the credit for this mess of a blog to her) and since I’ve know her for close to 30 years – […]

Your Turn

I promised that I wouldn’t talk about butt-holes today so… I’ve got nothing. Let me ask you guys a couple of totally unrelated questions. 1) What are you reading right now? 2) Can you get a zit on the back of your ear? 3) Why won’t my cat shut the hell up? 4) What is […]

Short Term Memory Loss – We Have A Winner

It occured to me that I never told you who won the last contest. You know, the “What the Hell is Sarah Reading?” contest. I know you remember that post. It was the one that discussed pig fisting and sinister stains and intestines. The mystery book (which wasn’t THAT big of a mystery seeing as […]

Hey Oprah, Get Up Off ‘Em

I think Oprah is stalking me. First I start reading The Road and a week later Oprah makes it her book club suggestion, then the other day I mention Eat, Pray, Love and now this. She is in my head! Quick. Is she behind me right now? Is that her in the unmarked car across […]

Dumbledore is Gay

You know, I’ve read 6 1/2 of the Harry Potter books and I never picked up on Dumbledore being gay. Great. Here comes the Christian Coalition again. I think I can smell the books burning from here.

I’m Not Ignoring You

I promise, I’m not ignoring you. I just can’t seem to tear myself away from this book.