What you are about to read is entirely irrational. I am not even going to try to justify it. * I don’t know if it is getting older or if it is the mid-Atlantic foliage, but my allergies seem to get worse every year. When I was young I wasn’t allergic to anything. Now I […]

The More Things Change…

There is a shelf above the sink in my kitchen. I set my iPad on the shelf so that I can watch things when I cook or do dishes. The other night night I was watching a documentary about Lemmy and having a particularly difficult fight with my cling wrap when I thought  Who the […]

Krokus. Yeah.

A long time ago a friend of mine said “This ad reminds me of you.” and showed me this. I feel like that lady every single day. I mean, I never toured with Krokus and I was ten years old for most of 1983. I never followed any band around for an entire tour, but […]

Latest Shopping Theory

I have a new theory when it comes to grocery shopping. Yes, I have multiple theories about grocery shopping. Anyone who follows me on twitter, foursquare or knows me in real life probably knows that I go to the grocery store easily five times in a normal week. If you figure I spend about 30 […]


I’m not afraid of driving over bridges, not even big bridges. I think the first time I drove over the Sunshine Skyway I was 17 years old. That is a pretty big bridge. It is over five miles long and one time it collapsed, but I am okay with it. It is actually quite beautiful. […]

The C Word

My kids are packing their bags. They will be spending the night with their grandparents and my mother-in-law (now I know why people write MIL even if they aren’t on twitter. That word is a punctuation and capitalization nightmare) is at our house to pick them up. I can hear the boy chanting under his […]

Embracing My Confessional Blogger Label

This is hell and gone from the 30 days of truth prompts, but it is both true and embarrassing so I thought I would slip it in here. Confession: My coffee pot (seen right) percolates to the beat of “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee. Daddy Yankee – Gasolina .mp3 Found at bee mp3 search engine It […]

Things That I Have Actually Said in the Past 7 Days

–  “I don’t know, but it looks like a band-aid that the cat ate and then threw up.” –  “I know you are going to find out and make fun of me, so I will just tell you. I bought Joan Jett’s greatest hits today.” – “Cheryl Tiegs really needs to buy a black bra.” […]

I Voted

I voted today. I vote in almost every election and I am proud and honored to do so. I love being a part of the political process. But mostly I am just pleased that I will stop getting phone calls from recorded messages five times a day. Those really piss me off – especially when […]

How I Know For Sure She Can Read

I could read before I started kindergarten and so could my brother. My husband read “The Shining” when he was in third grade. My mother-in-law reads about three books a week. My mother has a masters degree in library science and teaches adults how to read. It had started making me nervous that my first […]

The BlogHer Hangover

Ninety minutes. That is how long it took me to start crying after I got back into town. I wasn’t even actually home yet. I don’t know why I was surprised. This happens every year. I go to BlogHer and I leave feeling amazing. I see people I only get to talk to face to […]

Why I Am Mad at Miley Cyrus Today

First of all, I was forced to watch her stupid movie “The Last Song” on the way home from San Francisco. Second of all, her dumb movie made me cry on the airplane. Twice. And I was sitting next to a 14 year old boy who probably thinks I am the biggest loser that ever […]