They Always Look So Happy in the Commercials

I don’t know why the people baking cookies with their kids on TV always look so happy. I thought it would be a good rainy day activity yesterday so The Goon Squad and I decided to make cookies. Well, technically we decided to make cupcakes, but I only had two eggs and the box recipe […]

My Mom Was Right

After 35 years of thinking they were disgusting and tasteless I have finally decided that I like water chestnuts. My Mom always said I would like them when I grew up. Does this make me a grown up? Crap. Does this mean I need to get a job?

Randomness Part 107

The other day (while watching food network, like we always do) I asked Gabe what an Offal was. (I also asked him if it was Offal or Awful) he looked it up for me and I now I know. But then two days later Ruhlman posts this. You read the man’s book and he reads […]

Two Birds, One Stone

Chocolate Milk. It’s perfect. I get my chocolate fix AND calcium. It is brilliant. To bad it doesn’t have more caffeine.

The Food Gods Have Smiled Upon Me

CityZen just called! They havc an opening for me tonight. Woo Hoo! (I hope I haven’t hyped this too much, if the food sucks I will be very disappointed.) 


I realize I should have called months ago, but I am the Queen of Procrastination. Gabe is taking me out for a fancy dinner for my birthday. I am having issues with reservations. They wait-listed me for CityZen for Saturday night. Marcels (I won’t link to it because the website has really loud cheesy music, […]

If You Pay Attention it Makes Sense

Besides just having fabulous metabolisms and growing up as well as out, I have often wondered how little kids can eat so much garbage (Claudia pretty much exists on a diet of pasta, grilled cheese, cereal, french fries and goldfish – Dr. Atkins is spinning in his grave) and stay so thin. Today it hit […]

Betrayed by a Small Appliance

My rice cooker overcooked my rice. Two nights in a row. I feel – betrayed. I mean, isn’t that why I bought the stupid rice cooker in the first place? So that I wouldn’t end up overcooking my rice? Should I buy another one? Or will this one just disappoint me too? Or do I […]

An Open Love Letter

Dear Food and Wine Magazine, My mom got Gabe a subscription to you for Christmas and now I can’t put you down. I want you to know that I am not a magazine person. I am a book person, I am an internet person. I only read the paper online, but it’s not like that […]

Don’t Know What You Got ’til it’s Gone

(cue Cinderella) Dear Publix, I hate all the grocery stores in Northern Virginia. I’m serious. The Safeway near my house is overpriced and the lines are always long. Both of the Giants that are close both suck and really aren’t that clean. The Wegmans is too far away for everyday shopping and the workers are […]

The Problem With Vacation

Besides the obvious fact that I haven’t been posting with any regularity whatsoever, my biggest problem with being on vacation is that I can’t seem to stop eating. Actually eating and drinking. I know that Thanksgiving is a big food holiday, but that was almost a week ago. Ick. All my clothes feel too tight. […]

This One is For All You Pregnant People

I don’t know if it is because my kids are two, or if it is because I am 33, or if there is just some sort of baby boom going on right now, but I know a ton of women who are currently pregnant. This phenomenon has me thinking about what it was like when […]