Hot in Herrre

I have this new fantasy that involves an air-conditioning repair man. I suppose it might be a situational sort of fantasy. It is hard to tell. I might be hallucinating. It is really hot in here. Normally when our AC dies in the middle of the summer (oh yes, this has happened to us before, […]


I’m nesting. I’m not pregnant. I am not adopting. I’m not even getting a puppy, but I am nesting.

Looking Forward

I know that I haven’t been writing much here. It isn’t that I’m not trying. I have 14 half-written posts in drafts, I just can’t seem to finish anything. If I do happen to finish something it seems to boring to publish, or more likely it ends up on one of the six other sites […]

Bloggers Keep on Blogging

When people ask me what I do for a living I say “I am a writer. I am a blogger and I also sell swag.” I’ve been thinking that if I mean to keep on telling people that I should probably actually write something here.

Heads Up

Bear with me for a few quick moments of self-promotion before we return to our regularly scheduled ranting and nonsense. * * * For those of  you in the Washington D.C. area my choir is performing a on September 11th at 4:00pm at National Presbyterian in remembrance of the September 11th attacks. The concert is […]

Six Years Later

On June 1st, 2005 I started a little website called Sarah and the Goon Squad. My first post is loaded with bad grammar. It sounds like every bad blog you have ever read and assures you that it will probably be my first and last post. It wasn’t. Almost 1800 posts later (and that is […]

Label This: Sarah’s First World Problems

I know that what I am complaining about here is a problem that 99% of the population wishes they were fortunate enough to have. I know that I have a good life. I was born in a free country to parents that loved me and had the means to give me a good education. I […]

I Think I Am Starting to Enjoy Mowing

I think I am starting to like mowing my yard. Really. Just hear me out for a second. I know, I always say that I don’t like outside and I hate nature unless it is the beach, but that sort of comes into play. First (and least surprisingly) it is good exercise and gives me […]

My Philosophy on Laundry

Note: Do you ever spend time on a writing assignment only to realize that you weren’t assigned the laundry post, you were assigned the post about messy bedrooms? No. Just me, huh? Whatever. Here is a post I wrote for BlogHer about how I am a laundry slacker. My philosophy on doing laundry is entirely […]

This is Only a Test

Hey, is this thing on?

In Which Sarah Exploits the Bad Economy

I just bought two nonstop airplane tickets from Washington DC to San Francisco for under $500. Total. I just got a reservation for two at Le Bernadin on a Friday night with less than three weeks notice. A couple of weeks ago we finally broke down and bought the DSLR I had been coveting for […]


You may or may not have noticed that Sarah and the Goon Squad was offline most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can read me now thanks to the brilliance of Karen Rani. I mean, did you even know a blog could get a virus? I didn’t. I learned the hard way. But now we […]