I’ve Been Thinking

I was looking at some pictures of myself from Christmas and I noticed that I have this whole new bonus chin. I don’t like it one bit. I was thinking that if I grew a goatee or a full beard it would disguise this layer of fat. It occurs to me that I should be […]

I’m Back

I think I’ve been a little off of my game recently. Not just blogging, but in general. Yesterday I told my neighbor I would be convinced I had seasonal affective disorder if I were sad at all. I’m not sad. I’m just tired. Tired and lethargic. Getting out of bed is exceptionally difficult each morning, […]

Using this to Justify Baking Cookies

Shoveling the driveway counts as cardio, right?

I Never Claimed to Make Any Sense

It is amazing how much writing I can get done when I have housework to do. It is ASTOUNDING how much housework I can get done when I have a writing deadline.


You know what I hate? Diet and exercise.

Love Your Body Day

I know today is supposed to be Love Your Body Day, but I am here to tell you that I don’t love my body. I am mad at myself for gaining back all of the weight I lost last year, and then gained back, and then lost most of, and then gained back again. I […]

Two Advantages of Having More than One Child: A Short List

1) Not having to play “Ring Around the Rosie”. 2) The H.O.V. lane.