Up in the Air

There is this girl in my row on the airplane. She broke her iPod. She is going on and on about how this is the worst thing that has ever happened to her. She must be younger than I thought. She tells her traveling companion that really terrible things have happened to her and this […]

An Open Letter to Grace Slick

Dear Grace, I remember what the doormouse said, I just have no idea what to do with that information. Love, Sarah

Crap. Now I’m scared too.

The Goon Squad (The Goon Squad is my five year old twins for those of you who are new around here) and I were discussing Santa and if he was watching you on the day after Christmas. I thought he was probably taking a break, but maybe he had spies. Ian said he knew exactly […]

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Actually, the weather isn’t that bad anymore, but the streets in my neighborhood are seriously frightful. And our schools are canceled for the rest of the year. To be completely fair, the kids really only had two and a half days of school this week anyway, but they were three very important days for Christmas […]

My New Nemesis: The United States House of Representatives

Dear U.S House of Representatives, Why must you hate? Is this because I called you the lower house? I want you to know I didn’t make that up as an insult. They taught me that in school. And I don’t know what you heard, but what I said was that we should legalize slots.

The School Bus Mystery

Can anyone explain to me why if my kids are in my car they have to ride in a car seat but on a school bus they don’t require any restraint whatsoever? How in 2009 do we have school busses* without seat belts? And why are we all okay with this? ___ Don’t get me […]

The Mystery Flowers

Yesterday when the Fed Ex guy rang my doorbell I assumed that it was one of the many things we ordered for the Goon Squad’s birthday on Tuesday. But it was a bouquet of flowers. For me! And it came without a card. I asked Gabe if he sent me flowers. He said “No, but […]

Am I Going Insane?

Can somebody please explain to me how iTunes can skip? Is there a tiny needle somewhere in my computer? In the iPod?

In Case Anyone Was Wondering

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and she prescribed me Sarafem or fluoxetine hydrochloride, better known as a generic Prozac. She also took blood (and I didn’t pass out or anything) to check for thyroid disease (they do that for everyone, right?) and gave me the phone number for “someone to talk to”. Right. […]


I feel like I need to clarify a few things about my post yesterday. I’ve gotten e-mails and phone calls from my real life friends and family asking why I hadn’t told them about feeling depressed before. There are a couple of reasons. First, I think I just realized what was going on. Even more […]

If you can’t beat ’em…

Erin is challenging everyone to write about something “Big” before BlogHer. I spend a lot of time writing about things that make me laugh. I do this because 1) I don’t really consider myself to be a writer and 2) I read the blogs I read mostly because they make me laugh. Anyway, here goes… […]