The Accent Meme

Because if all of my friends jumped off of a bridge I would too. If somehow you haven’t seen one of these yet, there is a list of words and a few questions asked. The participants make videos of themselves saying all of the words and letting everyone hear their accents. At first I wasn’t […]

Day 2: Something I Love About Myself

I guess I should have explained why I was writing about hating myself the other day. It’s a meme. I know. You are probably already gone, but if you are still here let me explain. I am going to try to do this 30 Days of Truth thing. Meme sounds so boring. Let’s call it […]

Mee May Mah Moh Moo

I haven’t done one of these in about three years, but Kim says that since I am always asking you guys questions it is only fair. 10 Questions From Kim: 1. What’s your favorite color? I have two: black and red. And don’t start with me that black isn’t a color – if you have […]

4/4 Time

Two weeks ago I wrote this and it has been sitting in my drafts folder. I wasn’t tagged for it but I kept seeing this meme where you looked in the fourth folder where you keep pictures and then you post the fourth picture in that folder and talk about it. The fourth picture in […]

I’ve Got Plenty of Nothing

I don’t know if it is this heat or what, but I’ve got nothing. I guess this is a good time to do this meme that Vicky tagged me for. (Nothing like ending a sentence in a preposition in one of the two original ideas in the whole post.) What was I doing ten years […]

Random and Weird

Ah yes. The six random things meme. Again. But Karen tagged me and you don’t screw around with Karen so here goes. Six random and weird things about me. 1) Back in the days of cds I used to play something I called “The Game” which involved listening to every one of my cds in […]

123, 5, 3 Meme

Alison from AliBlog tagged me for a meme last night. Now normally I am not this prompt about anything, but since hers was the first blog I ever read (yes, I owe most of the credit for this mess of a blog to her) and since I’ve know her for close to 30 years – […]

Seven MORE Things About Me (Plus Bonus iTunes Meme)

Amy at Tastes Like Crazy tagged me for the seven things meme. Yes, I’ve done it before. I may even do it again. 1) I don’t know how many of you love “Arrested Development” the way that we do, but you are, you may be the only people that will understand this. I’ve been trying […]

In 3s

So, I was in the shower and I had This Beastie Boys lyric stuck in my head  “Shea Stadium the radium E M D squared” (which I always thought was Shea Stadium, palladium, EMC2, which is wrong. I looked it up here and they even give you the ‘meaning’ ) and I had a great idea for a […]

Seven More Things

Well, I haven’t quite finished the book (Shut up. It’s a long book.), but since I was tagged, and since I love Kaleigh I thought I would tell you seven more random/strange things about myself. Assuming you care: 1) I am obsessed with checking the search terms that bring people to my blog. Yesterday I […]

Are You Talking to Meme?

I haven’t done a meme in a long time. It isn’t that I mean to not do them, it is just that I forget, and then lose the link or e-mail or whatever. If you tag me and I blow you off, just remind me. I’ll try to get around to it. What I am […]

Several Things

Mir is getting married on Friday. I have been invited to participate in her bridal shower. Since I am a huge fan of Mir (both her writing and her as a person) I am posting a picture from my own wedding in her honor. Good luck to Mir and Otto. You seem so well suited […]