Is Lowering the Rim the Answer to Women’s Basketball’s Attendance Problems?

I try not to do this too much but I wrote this post for BlogHer yesterday, cross posted it on Draft Day Suit and now I am cross posting it here. If you are looking for something lighter, check out my Top 6 Embarrassing Sports Music Videos on My Life Scoop. It is no secret […]

6 Things That Should Be More Difficult to Do

1) Forgetting to actually put the lunch you packed into your backpack. 2) Naming a child something ridiculous. 3) Hurting someone you love. 4) Volunteering for a really hard job at your kid’s school. 5) Locking yourself out of your house. 6) Replying all. *

Support The Arts

I don’t do a lot of fund raising on Sarah and the Goon Squad but this is something that I believe in. Choralis is a first rate community based choir in the Washington D.C Area. Besides being kind enough to let me in, they also provide scholarships to 12 students each year. Gretchen Kuhrmann is […]

Lindsey Vonn, Sports Illustrated and Objectification

Last week skier Lindsey Vonn was in the news because some jerk in the media suggested that Vonn would have an advantage in the downhill events because she was carrying extra weight, so I was pleased when I saw this week’s cover of Sports Illustrated because I thought Vonn looked terrific.

Nobody Remain Calm

It isn’t even 5:00 PM yet and my county has already canceled school tomorrow due to Snopocalypse II:  Electric Boogaloo. The kids are going ape shit. They already tried to wash the mirror with bright purple foaming kids soap. My local twitter prognosticators are saying that school probably won’t be back in until Tuesday at […]

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Recently Kate Moss told interviewer Brid Costello that one of her mottoes is “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. My first reaction was to recite that to myself 800 times a day and see if it worked. I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting motivated to […]

On Mean Girls and Soccer and Violence

I wrote this piece about Elizabeth Lambert yesterday for BlogHer. I’ve had some negative feedback (which I anticipated) but I am wondering what you guys think. I do see soccer as a violent sport. Am I wrong? As soon as I saw the Elizabeth Lambert video I knew that I would be writing about her […]

I’m Going to Vote, but I am Still Mad at You

Dear Everybody Running for Everything, At this point the best way to earn my vote is to promise to propose legislation to make all those damn automated phone calls telling me who I should vote for illegal. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah ps – Stop calling my house after 8:30 […]

The Opt Out

Today The Goon Squad’s school is celebrating Patriotic Day.  They are encouraged to wear red, white and blue and they will be watching President Obama’s back to school speech. Or I guess, most of the kids in the school will be watching it. This came home in the backpacks yesterday. You’ve probably already seen these […]

The Babymoon Mystery

Have you heard of these babymoons? People who go on vacation when they are pregnant with their first child to have some last time alone, just the two of them? I think this is something that people have only been doing for four years tops because I had never heard of such a thing when […]

The School Bus Mystery

Can anyone explain to me why if my kids are in my car they have to ride in a car seat but on a school bus they don’t require any restraint whatsoever? How in 2009 do we have school busses* without seat belts? And why are we all okay with this? ___ Don’t get me […]

Does Gang Rape Make YOU Want to Buy Shoes?

I will be the first to admit that I have neither the inclination nor the money to buy Dolce and Gabbana. But I will not be the first to say that this advertisement is not making me want to buy their shoes. Seriously, D&G you may be all trendy but I can’t think of anything […]