Suebob is What?

Today my good friend Sue turns 50. Suebob and Sarah, BlogHer 2006 That seems crazy. I remember thinking that fifty was pretty old. Suebob isn’t old. How is this possible? I mean, I understand how it is possible – I assume this means she was born on July 6, 1961 – that is how birthday […]

Why I Will Be Rooting for The Chicago Bears

Tonight I will be rooting for the Chicago Bears because my entire fantasy season is counting on *gulp* Johnny Knox. Basically, I need Johnny Knox to score at least 14 more fantasy points than Sidney Rice this evening in order to keep my fantasy football season alive. In December. In an outside, nationally televised game. […]


I was a music minor in college. I majored in Political Science, but I hung out with a lot of music students. I mean no disrespect for my own, but the music majors were more interesting, and to be honest with myself I had to work a lot harder at my minor than I did […]

The BlogHer Hangover

Ninety minutes. That is how long it took me to start crying after I got back into town. I wasn’t even actually home yet. I don’t know why I was surprised. This happens every year. I go to BlogHer and I leave feeling amazing. I see people I only get to talk to face to […]

The One Where I Send You Away (but only for a second)

I don’t mean to brag, but I have assembled a team of the funniest freaking sports bloggers over at Draft Day Suit and I am as proud as I can be. Even if you don’t like sports, this site will crack you up. Please do yourself (and me) a favor and go check it out.

10 Funny Posts By Women Bloggers in Honor of National Humor Month

I wrote this post for BlogHer to honor National Humor Month. I cross posted it here so you can all read these wonderful posts because every single one of them made me laugh. Did you know that April was National Humor Month? Neither did I until a two weeks ago, but it is true. National […]

Agriculture is Science, Right?

My friend Susan, you might know her as WhyMommy, is having surgery this morning. She is having six tumors removed from her body as part of her ongoing battle with cancer. My other friend Jean, you might know her as Stimey, had a fabulous idea. We all want to support Susan, but we don’t want […]

The Great Interview Experiment Rages On

You guys all know about Neil’s Great Interview Experiment, right? This year I got the privilege of interviewing Hilly from Snackiepoo. If you don’t read her, you really should. Need proof? Read this. Now without further ado, behold Hilly (and my mad interviewing skillz): 1) Where the hell is your about page? It’s right here! […]

On Handwriting

This is for Beth. Feel free to play along.

It’s a Small World Wide Web After All

I’m not that great of a cook, but I like food. Gabe does most of the quality cooking in this joint, but I try to do at least half of the cooking. This is why I was on the internet trying to figure out how to hard boil an egg. I mean, yes, I know […]

Why You Should Run Right Out to the Store and Buy “Rage Againt the Meshugenah”

It starts like this: My first therapist’s name was Neil Diamond, but he didn’t wear sequins, didn’t bring me flowers, and most certainly did not turn on my heartlight… I read a lot and not many books have me laughing out loud during the freaking prologue.* The book is called Rage Against the Meshugenah: Why […]

Not Crazy? Then Explain This.

I have a friend that I have known for twenty years.  Really, we met in 10th grade. Okay, I don’t really want to talk about the fact that 10th grade was actually 20 years ago, but what I do want to talk about it this – Lori is pregnant with her first child.  I am […]