Parenting Well is Hard

My son came to me sobbing. “What’s wrong? What happened? Are you okay?” “Claudia called me a poopy boy. And she meant to do it!” How am I supposed to not laugh? He was so upset. I felt like a real jerk laughing, but come on! Poopy boy is hilarious. In fact, I can’t wait […]

You Will Pay in the End

When you buy cheap toilet paper you aren’t really getting a bargain. You will pay for it in the end. ***

Is She Threatening Me?

A direct quote from Claudia: “I am going to the bathroom and I am going to go poop and I am not calling you in to help me wipe because I am going to wipe all by myself and it is going to be a lot of poop. More poop than you ever had in […]

Caption Contest: A Horse on the Toilet?

I walked into the kids bathroom today and I thought What the hell ? And then I thought Hey, this is just a caption contest waiting to happen. So have at it. Awesome photo removed when photrade suddenly went out of business. Jerks.

A Big Big Brown Surprise

Claudia just told me that I was going to have a “Big, big brown surprise”. I feel fairly confident that she isn’t referring to the big brown machine. Oh, she just said it will be “The biggest surprise you have ever seen”. The good news: She is sitting on the potty. We may be in […]

Ahhh. Football Season.

I’m not sure how many of you care about this, but the NFL preseason started last night. I am giddy. I love watching football. I’m gearing up for my fantasy football drafts. (That’s right. You heard me. Drafts. More than one. Probably more than three, but that is neither here nor there.) Aaah. Football season. […]

Dora! Boots! How Could You?

Mrs. Chicky tagged me for a Mother’s day meme, so I started this whole lovely post honoring my mom, but then I Mother’s Day came and went and now I feel stupid posting it, so I’m skipping it. (Sorry Mom and Mrs. Chicky) In fact, while my Mother’s Day was lovely, it was eclipsed by […]

She Doesn’t Want Me to Have Diarrhea. I Guess that is a Good Thing.

I don’t really want to be one of those Mommybloggers that talks about poop all of the time, but sometimes these things come up. Especially since I’m in the middle of very half-assed attempt at potty training The Goon Squad. Really, my current method of potty training is talking about pee and poop all day […]

At Least they Will Listen to Elmo

You are going to think I am a huge dork, but (as those of you who are my Netflix friends probably saw and already made fun of me) I got Elmo’s Potty Time on Netflix. I haven’t had much luck getting my kids to care about using the bathroom. I know, they are only two […]

What is brown and sounds like a bell?*

On Saturday Claudia and I were in Sunglass Hut in the mall. I was trying on sunglasses and Claudia was helping me by touching all of the lenses. At some point she noticed that her father and brother were no longer with us and she said “Where Daddy Ian go?” (She talks in complete sentances, […]