I’m THAT Mom

So far my kids have had three days of school. Well, one half day and two full days. So far Ian has pooped in his pants every single day of school. The first two days he wore underpants. Yesterday, the director of the school asked me to please bring him to school in pull ups. […]

Best Laid Plans

I had big plans for yesterday. Well, big plans considering we have been on potty training lock down for over a week now. We were going to go grocery shopping in the morning, then we were going to go to the pool. Of course, the kids were insane, so even though I began trying to […]

Getting Better

After a full week of potty training lock down things are looking up on the pee front. If you noticed that it would seem like Claudia has peed into the future, do not be alarmed. Those are just from the times that she was putting her stickers on while I was supervising Ian’s urination. I […]

Ahhh. Football Season.

I’m not sure how many of you care about this, but the NFL preseason started last night. I am giddy. I love watching football. I’m gearing up for my fantasy football drafts. (That’s right. You heard me. Drafts. More than one. Probably more than three, but that is neither here nor there.) Aaah. Football season. […]

I Guess I Should Be More Specific

This potty training thing is going to drive me insane. We went to a birthday party yesterday and Claudia insisted on wearing underpants. Now, usually I don’t let her wear underpants until she has already pooped that morning. (She has a bad history with pooping on Dora. Oh God, here come the pervert searches.) Anyway, […]

The Potty Training Continues

Another day of potty training, another pair of Dora underpants with poop in them. (sigh) (How gross would it be if I posted a picture of that? Ick.) On a much happier note, Ian peed in the potty yesterday. He was standing up and everything. We clapped and yelled and cheered. It was lovely. Stickers […]

Some Gender Stereotypes are True

Part of my plan to potty train The Goon Squad is bribery. Gabe prints (or technically in this case, Grandma printed them up because we were at her house on July 1st) up two calendars each month. One for each kid. Every time somebody pees or poops in the potty they get a sticker. You […]


No, our TV didn’t suck me in. In fact, it completely died and we had to buy a new (and way cooler) television set. The tv didn’t try to hurt me at all, but this almost did me in. I don’t really want to talk about it anymore, but I will say this it was […]

How was Your Morning?

I’ve spent about three hours so far sitting on the side of the bathtub waiting for various children to pee or poop in the potty. So far – nothing. I have read about 12 books (mostly about Diego or Dora) and I’ve sung the ABC’s 40 or 50 times. I’ve looked up the Spanish words […]

Be Brutally Honest With Me

When were your kids really potty trained? I don’t mean when did they first poop in the potty. I want to know how old they were when you just stopped buying diapers or pull-ups for them completely. When did they poop and pee in the toilet every time, no more relapses and they could sleep […]