Randomness Part 135

Thoughts That Have Passed Through My Brain in the Last Week 1) Why would he pee in the street? 2) I bet I’m the only one in this choir that was just included in a tweet with Lita Ford. 3) Did she just call me Tampa? 4) Am I the only person in the world […]

Similar To:

According to twitter I am similar to. I don’t even know which one is best. I love them all, but I only had a poster of one of them on my wall in 6th grade. You’ll have to guess which one.

A Few Things That are Hard to Explain (Randomness Part 135)

The only period in my life I ever spent any significant amount of time in a tanning bed was the year I lived in Ft. Lauderdale. * * * – While talking to technical support people I feel like a freak saying “Yes, Sarah and the Goon Squad dot com AND saying “Sure, Troy Polamalu’s […]

I Guess I Was Just Being Paranoid

I can stop worrying about that now.

Things That I Have Actually Said in the Past 7 Days

–  “I don’t know, but it looks like a band-aid that the cat ate and then threw up.” –  “I know you are going to find out and make fun of me, so I will just tell you. I bought Joan Jett’s greatest hits today.” – “Cheryl Tiegs really needs to buy a black bra.” […]

Randomness Part 134

– My favorite thing I wrote this week (that wasn’t here) involved Brett Favre and penis puppetry.  I called it Brett Favre’s Penis Gets a Job Offer. It is not to be missed. Not convinced yet? This picture is in it. – Oh! I also wrote something about athletes advertising tech products over on My […]

Randomness Part 133

Randomness Part 133: Other things I have written this week. James Franco in drag. Do you need tips to make meal times less stressful? I can help you out. I have ideas over on Work it, Mom. Some embarrassing sports videos. Some guy tried to raise $10 million to get Weezer to stop making shitty […]

Randomness Part 132

– Wondering which words Google Instant has blacklisted? Wonder no more. – October 23 is Make a Difference Day – Kristabella wrote a great post over on Draft Day Suit about what people wear to football games. Did you know that in the south (I mean, not the Florida south, but the south south) collegians […]

An Open Letter to Grace Slick

Dear Grace, I remember what the doormouse said, I just have no idea what to do with that information. Love, Sarah

Sarah Elsewhere

Why I am going to art school. Why I am offended by the iPhone commercial. A picture I took on a walk in my classy neighborhood. ————> Why the Cincinnati Bengals pissed me off. For $11.5 million, I will sell you two of my toes. Now I am off to prepare for a birthday party […]

Randomness Part 131

Did you know that Meat Loaf is Scott Ian’s father-in-law? True story. Scott Ian from Anthrax is married to Pearl Aday, Meat Loaf’s daughter. In related news, I can’t find a picture of these two together anywhere. How is it even possible that there aren’t any of Scott Ian’s wedding picture on the internet? Maybe […]

Randomness Part 130

1) Breast milk cheese 2) (via: Sparkle Motion) 3) They are remaking “Overboard” with J-Lo.