I don’t have anything good again today, so to entertain you I offer another episode of “Search Term that Have Brought People Here”. I’ve let my sitemeter upgrade expire, so this may be one of the last ones of these, so I hope you like it.  Before we get into these today can I just ask you why […]

What Does Simon Cowell think of Neil Diamond and other Searches

1) Who types “what does Simon Cowell think of Neil Diamond” into google? and 2) How did they end up here? Yes, it is time for the next installment of Google Searches that brought people here to SATGS. Behold the madness: Chlamydia pink eye eeeeeew. “living eyebrows” paprika The Hell? my laundry smells vegetable oil, […]

It Going to Be a Good Weekend (plus new searches)

This weekend we will be going to an undisclosed location in Florida to get really really drunk hang out with some of my friends from college. The good news is we aren’t taking the kids. The bad news is that I will not have any internet connection. The other good news (shut up, it is […]

You Type Something ONE TIME and Look What Happens

I tried to make it big enough to read but I suck at computers. Still, it says what you think it does. I am the number one hit on Google for “hermaphrodite midget porn”. I blame Chris.

A Meeting, A Picture and Some Searches

I have had the best luck meeting other bloggers. This afternoon The Squad and I went out to lunch with Steve from the Hygiene Chronicles. We had a great time. Steve let Ian play with his cell phone so they were instantly best friends. They also accused each other of being hamburgers. I don’t know, […]

The Hits – They Just Keep Coming

These searches are killing me. Who takes their time to type in this stuff? Be careful what you wish for people. Butt Traffic Meredith Viera nipple slip  I got several of these. What did I miss?  Pictures of Ebola People My Mom in the Shower warm butt barfing people in a box dead chicken omen […]

Because I’ve got Nothing Else Going On

No. Really. I can’t think of anything else to write about. I’ve already written about saving money on groceries and a child porn ring over on Strollerderby, and now I’ve got nothing left to say. The kids had a snow day and we’re still sick and we didn’t leave the house. I have no choice […]

Pictures of People who have had Ebola and other Searches that Landed People Here (also possibly the post with the longest title ever written)

Have I even ever mentioned people having ebola? I don’t think so. Either way, welcome to my latest installment of things people have searched and ended up here at Sarah and the Goon Squad. “Brett Favre” pregnancy 2006 Somebody call the National Enquirer! nkotb toilet paper pictures of kaisers mom Hmmm. While it is possible […]

Randomness Part 59

This video makes me wish we had two more kids. Seriously, can I borrow two of your offspring to form an Iron Maiden cover band? We’ll call it Children of the Damned. (Thanks, Markkkk) Wii Have a Problem. (Thanks Frank Sucks) I got a hit from this search last week: “When I am using the […]

Translate Schlongmeister and Other Searches

No lie. “Translate Schlongmeister” somehow ended up here. I can’t ever recall typing the word schlongmeister until I just wrote the title of this post and now I’ve gone and done it thrice. Whatever. It’s still funny. Here are a few more searches that landed these poor people here: – photo of Laura Bush in […]

Cinnamon Buttcrack (and other searches)

I am still trying to calculate the scores from Friday Flicks. Who knew it would be so complicated? I am also working on a meme about books. In the meantime I wanted to share some more of the messed up things people are searching for. For example, why was someone searching for cinnamon buttcrack? How […]

You Were Wondering About Searches Again, Weren’t You?

Because it is clear to me that you have all been on the edge of your seats wondering What have people searched for in the past two weeks to end up on Sarah’s blog? I am dying to know. – a woman pooed herself Classy. – wendy the builder gay You know, just because a […]