Still Counts

As a freelance writer I was totally psyched when I saw this tweet. Me? Popular Mechanics? Tried to attribute? I clicked right over. Here is what I saw. Is that my refrigerator? What the hell? Yes, Popular Mechanics used a snapshot I took of the inside of my fridge for a flickr meme. It was […]

The Glamorous Life

Ian said “Mama, will you please come cuddle with me?” And then he threw up all over the couch.

There is Nothing Metal About Crying

Yesterday I told Twitter that Claudia loved grindcore. I wasn’t just making it up either. We were making her a Pandora playlist. She wanted to thumbs up Children of Bodom and Amon Amarth. When I told Gabe this story he said that those bands weren’t grindcore, maybe death core or black metal, but not grindcore. […]


Really? Out of anywhere in the entire house you choose to sit here? Hi, my name is Sarah and I photoshop stains out of pictures of my carpet. I never thought this is how I would spend my time as an adult.


Son of a… Good Job Proofreaderson Maybe some day these will be a collectors item. I sure hope so. I have 250 of them. *sigh*

The Upside of Vomit

A lot of you are pregnant with your first child or are trying to get pregnant with your first child. If you fall into one of these categories you may want to hold off reading this particular post until your children are teenagers. I’m sure when we all all worried about teen pregnancy and drug […]

Listen Here, Hanna

*clears throat* Listen here, Hanna because I have a couple of things I would like to say to you. 1) I didn’t leave sunny Florida and learn how to drive in snow to live through hurricanes. I live HOURS from the beach. Hurricanes are unacceptable. 2) Enough with the power flashing on and off. I […]

Interesting Way to Start the Day

Guess what I did first thing this morning? You’ll never guess in a bazillion years. Well, maybe in a bazillion, but I doubt if you would guess any time soon so I will just tell you. I was standing in front of my closet perplexed. I went shopping on Sunday and I could have sworn […]

Would You Guys Mind Rooting Against Georgetown?

No offense to Georgetown. I mean – I was born in Ohio, but that isn’t really the problem. The problem is that I am going on a 627 mile road trip tomorrow. It is going to be just the kids and me. We’re going to take two days to make the trek to Atlanta. (Sorry […]

The Art at the Top of my Stairs

A PSA from SATGS: Don’t leave your children unattended with crayons. You may already have known this. I should have known this. That will teach me to try to do dishes. When I asked Ian why he colored on my wall (and the hardwood floor and his play kitchen) he very casually said: “Don’t worry […]

I Was Just Trying to Leave Playgroup

Just when you think you don’t have anything interesting to write about, life happens. First the cat threw up on my shoe. I was just trying to leave playgroup. It was at someone’s house where you take your shoes off right when you walk in the door. I am in an area that is between […]

…and THAT is what broke baby bird’s balloon.

Do you want to know what sucks worse than spilling a beer in your lap? Spilling a good expensive beer in your lap. Spilling a good dark expensive beer in your lap. Spilling your last dark expensive beer in your lap. Do you want to know what sucks worse than spilling your last dark expensive […]