Playing Hooky

Education was always a big deal in my family. My parents rarely took us out of school for vacations and we didn’t take sick days unless we were really sick – or, I suppose, if we could convince my mom we were really sick. That is the kind of parenting skill you learn by example. […]

Kerri Walsh and the Youth Fund

Working with Procter and Gamble this summer has opened my eyes to so many things. The Thank You, Mom campaign is about more than honoring your mother. It is really about helping parents and children all throughout the world. I was blown away by the generosity of P&G when they both helped the parents of […]

Why Swim Team

I was never on a swim team growing up. I lived in Florida. I realize that statement sounds nonsensical, but the two things are related. Pretty much everyone in my neighborhood had their own pool. It wasn’t a big deal. We all swam, just not in straight lines and we weren’t racing. I don’t mean […]

Why Youth Sports Are Vital

Somedays I cannot believe how busy we are around here. Between scouts, choir, soccer, birthday parties, piano lessons, family commitments and homework I feel like half of the time I am just diving my kids around from place to place. I know this isn’t news to any suburban parent. I was warned about this. The […]

They’re Unstoppable

My love for the Super Bowl has been well documented. I’ve even gone on the record talking about my favorite Super Bowl commercials. Of course you remember the Mean Joe Green commercial, right? Well then, you are going to love this. Go ahead, click it, it is a sneak preview commercial.

My At-Bat Song

Do you have your walk-up song picked out? You know, the song that they would play for you when you come up to bat? Sports fans are nodding their heads and hitting the comment button. For the rest of you, think of them playing “Wild Thing” for Charlie Sheen in “Major League” when he came […]

They Call it Madness

I am running a March Madness pool over at Draft Day Suit and I have real prizes and everything so come over and fill out your brackets. It isn’t gambling if you don’t have to ante up. What are you waiting for? The tournament starts on Thursday!

The Gift I Do Not Intend to Outgrow

Did I tell you guys that I got tickets to the Winter Classic? Well I did*, and I am extremely excited about it. The thing is, since I am going all the way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to sit outside on January 1st and root for the Capitals I clearly needed a jersey. Aside: Am I […]

Why I Will Be Rooting for The Chicago Bears

Tonight I will be rooting for the Chicago Bears because my entire fantasy season is counting on *gulp* Johnny Knox. Basically, I need Johnny Knox to score at least 14 more fantasy points than Sidney Rice this evening in order to keep my fantasy football season alive. In December. In an outside, nationally televised game. […]

Is Lowering the Rim the Answer to Women’s Basketball’s Attendance Problems?

I try not to do this too much but I wrote this post for BlogHer yesterday, cross posted it on Draft Day Suit and now I am cross posting it here. If you are looking for something lighter, check out my Top 6 Embarrassing Sports Music Videos on My Life Scoop. It is no secret […]

Questions for You: Just Because

Honestly I still don’t have anything to say. Shocking, I know. My mother will never believe this. Since I am at least 60% brain dead I will turn the floor over to you, my faithful readers. Tell me: 1) Who do you think is going to the Super Bowl this year? 2) What is your […]

The One Where I Send You Away (but only for a second)

I don’t mean to brag, but I have assembled a team of the funniest freaking sports bloggers over at Draft Day Suit and I am as proud as I can be. Even if you don’t like sports, this site will crack you up. Please do yourself (and me) a favor and go check it out.