And So It Begins

Ian took his first guitar lesson yesterday. You already know what song this is going to be, don’t you. Leave your best guess in the comments and then come back and watch the video.

We are Taking Our Son Out of Cub Scouts

We haven’t told my son that we are pulling him out of Cub Scouts yet. We haven’t told him because we want to sit down with him and talk about why. I have talked to him about the anti-gay policies that the Boy Scouts felt the need to reiterate a few weeks ago, and I […]

My Bus Was Never This Lucrative

Monday afternoon my second grade son got off of the bus waving around what appeared to be a piece of paper. “Mom! Jacob W. just gave me fifty bucks!” It really looked like a fifty dollar bill, but that was impossible, right? Jacob W. is in first grade. He handed it to me and there […]

I Think it is Really All About the Pick Axe

Him: I think I want to be a miner when I grown up. Me: A miner? Him: Yes. A miner.

I Am Your Mother. I Have Proof.

For Mother’s Day my son made me card. It included this lovely acrostic which implies that I am a keeper. This card also came with what I would call a coupon, but my son insists is a credit card, that gets me “one free set the table’. Sweet, right? When dinner time rolled around I […]

The C Word

My kids are packing their bags. They will be spending the night with their grandparents and my mother-in-law (now I know why people write MIL even if they aren’t on twitter. That word is a punctuation and capitalization nightmare) is at our house to pick them up. I can hear the boy chanting under his […]

How I Failed at Parenting Today

A few months ago the Gawker servers were hacked and user logins and passwords were posted on a website somewhere. Mine was one of them and it led to me being locked out of all my cox e-mail accounts. It was a pain, but not really a big deal since I use my g-mail account […]

The Gift I Do Not Intend to Outgrow

Did I tell you guys that I got tickets to the Winter Classic? Well I did*, and I am extremely excited about it. The thing is, since I am going all the way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to sit outside on January 1st and root for the Capitals I clearly needed a jersey. Aside: Am I […]

I Have My Reasons

Does anybody know a good place to find Harry Potter themed bedding? Even better, Gryffindor bedding?

What is the Coolest Thing in a Fire Station?

My six year old son just returned from a cub scout tour of our local fire station. I asked him how it was. “AWESOME!” he said. The I asked him what part was is favorite. What was the coolest thing he saw? I mean, fire stations have everything: fire trucks, ladders, poles, cool uniforms, dalmatians- […]

“O” Stands For Awesome

Today is report card day, and being the parent of two six year olds we have our first official report cards. When Ian got off of the bus he informed me that he got a bunch of Gs and Os and that G stood for good and O stood for awesome. I told him that […]

Unlike Mr. George, I Think Tracey Would Notice

“What are you doing Mom?” “I’m just trying to think of something to write about for my MamaPop post today.” He thought about it for a while. “Why don’t you just type random letters?” “Just like 10th grade geography papers?” “What?” “Nothing.” *