The Joys of Being a Pet Owner

Right this minute I have a baggie of cat shit in my purse. Next I get to wrestle two cats in to carriers and listen to them do that guttural mewl thing they do in the car for twenty minutes in traffic and then I expect I’ll probably give the veterinarian about $400. How is […]


Really? Out of anywhere in the entire house you choose to sit here? Hi, my name is Sarah and I photoshop stains out of pictures of my carpet. I never thought this is how I would spend my time as an adult.

Not That You Care…

Today is my cats’ birthday. Yes, both of them.  Klaus and Sid were my practice twins. They are eight today. On a related note: How would you explain or describe catnip to a four year old?

And I’m Tired Too

Double Yawn Originally uploaded by Sarah606 _____ Psst. There is still time to enter my Father’s Day contest.

On the Upside, I Smell Much Better

Me: Okay. I’m getting in the shower if anybody needs me. Silence. Me: Did you hear me? I will be in the shower if anyone needs anything. Goon Squad: (not even looking up) Uh huh. No more than two minutes later I hear running in the hall. Claudia: Mommy! Mommy! Where are you?! Me: I’M […]

I WISH I was Making this Up

Do you need some more proof that truth is stranger than fiction? This morning I went into my bathroom to put in my contacts. My cat, Sid jumped up on the counter. I yelled at him to get down. I was afraid that some of his fur would get on my contacts and get in […]

Do Cats Hibernate?

I’m just asking because it is 10:46 and both of my cats are still asleep in my bed.

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag (Literally)

I am patiently trying to figure out how to work my fancy new blog when I hear this crazy noise coming from the kitchen. It was a loud crinkly and thumpy sound. Both kids were in their beds, so I knew it wasn’t them. Then I saw a crazy blue flash run by. It made […]

…and $2100 later the diagnosis is…

Pancreatitis (perhaps caused by the surgery which is why he won’t eat still) or toxoplasmosis or some general inflammation of the G.I. tract, or something having to do with the spleen. The good news is the main problem now is getting him to eat again. I can probably stop worrying about him dying now. I […]

Sid is a moron.

Yes, that is my cat on top of the slide that goes into my parents pool. He jumped the safety fence and climbed right up the ladder. He stayed there until the pool guy came to balance the chemicals. When I went out to get him, he gashed my arm with his black claws. Unbelievable. […]